Big Brother spoilers: Players ready for important Power of Veto

Christmas Holds The BB22 Power
Christmas Abbott is holding the power in the BB22 house right now. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds have revealed the six people playing for the Power of Veto this week.

Christmas Abbott is the new Head of Household and she was faced with putting two people on the block this week.

On Friday, the cast played in the new BB Basement Competition, followed by Christmas hosting the Nomination Ceremony.

Christmas nominated Bayleigh Dayton and Da’Vonne Rogers for eviction. The BayDay alliance is getting targeted by the people in power this week, likely leading to one of them going home before the BB22 jury starts up.

The nominees and the HOH will be joined by three more people to play for the Week 5 Power of Veto.

Who is playing in the Veto Competition?

On Saturday morning, three more houseguests were selected to play in the Veto Competition with Christmas, Bayleigh, and Da’Vonne.

Daniele Donato, Ian Terry, and Nicole Franzel also have a shot at the Power of Veto. It’s interesting that every woman left in the house is going to be participating in this Veto Competition.

At some point later on Saturday, the six houseguests will play for the Power of Veto. Bayleigh is the primary target for eviction, so she has the most on the line when it comes to getting that Veto necklace.

Emotions running high in the house

Bayleigh and Da’Vonne have already expressed their frustrations about getting targeted this week, especially after Christmas and Dani had kept telling them that they were safe.

Janelle Pierzina and Kaysar Ridha did everything they could to try to convince Bayleigh and Da’Vonne that they would be next on the chopping block, but it never worked.

When the BayDay alliance is out of the game, they are likely going to look back on those conversations they had with Kaysar and Janelle with a lot of regrets.

It goes all the way back to when Kaysar and Janelle tried to flip the vote to save Nicole Anthony and Bayleigh decided to tell the core alliances instead of working to save Nicole.

In regard to the emotions in the house, Bayleigh has been expressing a lot of frustrations to Da’Vonne, while Christmas is acting like she fears for her safety.

Based on the results of the Veto Competition, it is very likely that emotions are going to continue running things for the next few days, but we will all have to wait and find out who controls that Power of Veto by the end of the day.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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