Big Brother seasons streaming for free now

Tyler Crispen BB20
Tyler Crispen was part of the Big Brother 20 and BB22 casts. Pic credit: Bill Inoshita/CBS

It just got easier for Big Brother fans to stream older seasons.

Several streaming services have made past seasons of the reality competition show available for viewing, but they each had fees attached to them.

Paramount+ has been the primary source for older content, but it requires a subscription that allows folks to watch everything in the CBS vault.

Netflix also carried a few classic seasons of the show, letting people see how well Dan Gheesling played the game on BB10 and BB14.

Last summer, Pluto TV entered the picture, giving Big Brother fans a look at the live feed cameras. It became a free option for fans to check in on the BB25 cast.

Pluto TV has taken things further, making it a go-to site for Big Brother fans this summer.

Pluto TV now offers free streaming of select past seasons

“Thought I’d give the fans a little something special before #BB26 begins…,” begins a new X post from the Pluto TV account.

“You can now stream select past seasons of #BigBrother FOR FREE on Pluto TV’s new 24/7 Big Brother channel,” the post continues.

A link is shared below to the new Big Brother channel. This is a fun treat fans can use to pass the time until the Big Brother 26 season premiere.

Pluto runs several Big Brother channels, including a live one cycling through its available seasons. This allows viewers to check in and see some older episodes.

The site also has an OnDemand option to select an available season and stream any episode.

So far, Pluto TV has BB19, BB20, BB21, BB23, BB24, and BB25 available for streaming. It gives a nice sampling of the New Era seasons, including the season from this past summer.

BB22 is not currently listed. This was Big Brother: All-Stars 2 and it is still only on Paramount+.

Pluto TV also has Big Brother: Reindeer Games available for streaming. This new spin-off show debuted this past winter.

More news from the Big Brother Universe

The new Big Brother season arrives on July 17. It will feature a two-night premiere, introducing the CBS audience to the BB26 cast.

Here is everything we know about BB26 so far. The new houseguests will soon take over primetime.

A BB21 alum recently teased that she is on BB26. She also teased a possible theme for this summer… and it’s one that many fans have asked for in the past.

Paramount+ and Pluto TV will provide live feed coverage for the Big Brother 26 cast.

Big Brother 26 debuts July 17 on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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16 days ago

I totally stopped watching (and I had watched since the first show) a couple of years ago…when it all went so obscenely WOKE… no thanks.