Big Brother Season 24 cast reveal creating a lot of buzz

BB20 Fun Photo
The Big Brother 20 cast had a lot of fun during the summer of 2018. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother Season 24 cast reveal is coming much later than in a typical summer, but maybe that’s a good thing for the longevity of the reality competition show.

In the past, the cast lists for a respective season have come out about a week or more before the premiere. It used to be the case that the houseguests were playing the game for several days before the first episode even aired.

Missing out on a lot of that early-season drama was not a good thing for the fans, and it often led to many pre-taped segments that Big Brother fans had to endure when the episodes finally rolled out.

The great news is that even though the BB24 cast list is coming out much later, we are still going to see a live move-in event take place on premiere night. Well, at least the East Coast will be live, but the West Coast will be three hours behind.

When is the Big Brother Season 24 cast reveal?

CBS and the producers will conduct the Big Brother Season 24 cast reveal on Tuesday, July 5. That’s the day before the season premiere for the BB24 cast, which won’t give everyone a lot of time to dive into the bios of each new houseguest.

At least everyone is new to the game this summer, so there will be a lot of intrigue and mystery about the houseguests, even after their names and bios get released to the public.

Then, on Wednesday, July 6, the show’s first episode will debut at 8/7c on CBS. It’s a 90-minute premiere, starting the Summer 2022 Big Brother schedule with a bang.

When does The Challenge USA start?

After the debut episode of Big Brother 24, the first episode of The Challenge USA will air on CBS. This is a new version of a show that has been airing on MTV for years, but this installment of The Challenge will only feature stars of reality TV shows on CBS.

There are several Big Brother alums on The Challenge USA, so there could be a draw on Wednesday nights. In addition to the vets from Big Brother, Survivor, Love Island USA, and The Amazing Race has people on the show.

On a typical Wednesday night this summer (beginning July 13), Big Brother will air at 8/7c, and then The Challenge USA will air at 9/8c. It will be a full night of reality shows for CBS viewers.

Stay tuned, folks, because we aren’t very far away from learning the names of the Big Brother 24 cast members. They are all competing for a $750,000 prize this summer, and it’s a safe bet that many Big Brother alums will be sharing their thoughts on these people with social media posts of their own.

Big Brother debuts Wednesday, July 6 at 8/7c on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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funicular teazle
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