Big Brother live feeds report: New HOH has a plan

Kyle Out Of BB24
Kyle Capener finished in eighth place on Big Brother 24. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother live feeds were pretty busy following the latest Eviction Ceremony for the BB24 cast.

On Thursday night’s episode, Nicole Layog got voted off Big Brother in a really one-sided vote.

It was technically another successful blindside for The Leftovers, especially because it was Nicole’s own ally (Daniel Durston) who unwittingly secured her exit from the game.

The episode finished before the new Head of Household was crowned, though, meaning fans were going to have to turn to the Big Brother live feeds to find out what happened in the later hours.

When the feeds were turned back on, it was revealed that Michael Bruner is the Week 5 HOH for BB24. This is the first time that Michael has been in power, but he is no stranger to winning challenges this summer.

Michael already has three Veto Competition wins under his belt, and he will have the chance to play for the Power of Veto again this weekend. But ahead of that, Michael has a plan that he is ready to put in motion.

Who is Michael targeting as the HOH?

The main target for the week is Daniel and this is likely surprising to nobody, as Michael wants to get him out of the game before the BB24 jury starts forming.

But it’s a tricky situation, as having Daniel on the block would also mean putting up Kyle Capener, who is getting a bit nervous on the feeds about what’s coming next.

Who is Michael Bruner going to nominate for eviction?

Michael wants to put a backdoor plan into action for Week 5, so that means starting out with some pawns on the block as the initial nominees. He can go with the trio of Monte Taylor, Joseph Abdin, and Terrance Higgins, or he can go with Matt Turner and Jasmine Davis as his noms.

At the Veto Meeting, one of those Besties sets would be replaced by Daniel and Kyle. Should Daniel win the Power of Veto, then it would be either Terrance or Jasmine going home instead. But the plan is currently to make sure that Daniel gets his meeting with Julie Chen Moonves very soon.

There could be some additional drama boiling up on the Big Brother live feeds because Kyle is starting to look further down the road and discussing keeping Daniel around as a bigger target. It’s likely stressful for Kyle to consider being on the block at the next Eviction Ceremony due to what has been happening as well.

On the afternoon of August 5, Michael will host a Nomination Ceremony where one of his plans is ultimately put in motion.

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