Big Brother: Leaked AFH results may reveal Nicole receiving a lot of votes

Nicole And Christmas On BB22
Nicole Franzel has a lot of Big Brother fans rooting for her this season. Pic credit: CBS

Fans can vote on which member of the Big Brother 22 cast they feel should win America’s Favorite Houseguest this season.

And it seems that a lot of viewers are voting for Nicole Franzel to win the award.

While it doesn’t look like Nicole has enough support to actually win AFH — based on how social media is reacting lately — she is certainly in the running.

A spoiler account that has been leaking information about the show recently posted a list of who they claim represents the top five vote-getters in the race to win America’s Favorite Houseguest.

Who is getting the most votes for AFH this season?

We have to take this list with a grain of salt, simply because it comes from an unverified source, but the source has also been correct in past spoilers and/or predictions that have been posted.

Even if the list is completely wrong, it certainly presents an interesting debate about the way that fans of the show think the current season of Big Brother has gone.

Below is that post from social media:

AFP Results right now:
1 Da’vonne
2 Janelle
3 Tyler
4 Nicole
5 Kaysar

It’s not at all surprising that Da’Vonne Rogers would be leading the way in this vote. There are a lot of former houseguests pushing for Da’Vonne to win AFH and take home that nice $25,000 prize.

As we recently reported, Big Brother 20 houseguest Angela Rummans is also pushing hard for Tyler Crispen to win. The couple began as a showmance within the BB20 cast and they are now living together in the real world.

And we all know how popular Janelle Pierzina is within the fandom. She is still considered to be the queen of the show due to her history and the jaw-dropping moments she has been involved in. One fan even volunteered to make her and Kaysar Ridha crowns to wear to the season finale.

Could Nicole Franzel win AFH?

Nicole has made it all the way to the final three on Big Brother 22. She is in the running to leave with the $500,000 prize, but it could all come down to which two houseguests are sitting in the final two chairs.

Even though Nicole has been involved in a bit of controversy during the current season, she still has a lot of fans rooting for her to succeed on the show. And if she can’t become the BB22 winner, they would love for her to be named AFH.

The final three houseguests spent some time of their own predicting who would win AFH and we have the video footage of that chat. They didn’t name Nicole as one of the predictions, but it’s the fans that get to decide.

Voting is still open and it will be very interesting to see which houseguests make it into the top three. We think it’s also safe to say that Janelle will not be rooting for Nicole to win AFH or the show itself.

Big Brother airs Monday at 8/7c and Wednesday at 9/8c on CBS.

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