Big Brother house lockdown: Fan reveals alliance by yelling over wall

Cody On BB22 Cast
Cody Calafiore has an alliance with Nicole Franzel on Big Brother 2020. Pic credit: CBS

Another Big Brother house lockdown has taken place following a fan yelling something over the wall.

This is the second time it has happened, with the first instance happening less than a week ago. It even caused an alarm to go off in order to get everyone to safety.

Now, it has happened again. But this time, the person yelling got a little more specific with what they said to and about the BB22 cast.

What did the fan yell at the Big Brother houseguests?

As some of the houseguests were relaxing in the backyard, a vocal fan could be heard yelling something from just over the wall.

It has immediately become a hot topic on social media and it is a safe assumption that some of the houseguests are pretty upset about what was said.

Take a look at the image and video below, where you can listen to the fan and see exactly what was said.

As for why the fan would yell something like this, Cody and Nicole were both members of the Big Brother 16 cast. Derrick Levasseur ended up winning that season, with Cody finishing in second place.

There have been a lot of rumors that Cody and Nicole had pre-gamed and were ready to work together before they even walked through those doors this summer. Some of their interactions on the live feeds seem to have confirmed that they definitely have a final two deal worth keeping an eye on.

How will the yeller affect the game?

This isn’t the first season that someone has yelled something over the wall at the Big Brother compound. In the past, fans have even had banners flown by planes over the house.

Quite a few online fans and CBS viewers are frustrated by the way that this season is going, possibly leading to someone doing something like this.

As for how it will impact the game, that is a bit unclear. Cody and Nicole have strong allegiances with a lot of people in the house and many of them refuse to make big moves. Nicole also knows how to use tears as a weapon.

But Enzo Palumbo could make a big move now. According to the latest Big Brother spoilers to come out of the house, Enzo will have to name a replacement nominee when POV winner Kevin Campbell comes off the block.

Enzo could put Nicole or Cody on the block and have the house vote to send one of them out. It’s pretty unlikely, though, because the Big Brother All-Stars cast doesn’t make big moves. But that could certainly be interesting.

And Cody is really good at this game. So when the Big Brother live feeds get rolling again this evening, expect him to be good at deflecting and moving away from any controversy.

Update: Evel Dick Donato has taken credit for the message yelled at the house.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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3 years ago

I love bb.i have all access just for this show for years now. But so upset with with the live feeds .i keep getting a message that something went wrong on the play back try later. I can see the cameras are up, its the page that u pick what camera to watch .thats when it comes on. So upset i havent been able to watch hardly ANY live feeds.