Big Brother HOH Competition: Who won Head of Household on BB22?

BB22 Cast Had New HOH Comp
The Big Brother 22 cast played out a Week 3 HOH Competition on August 20. Pic credit: CBS

A Big Brother HOH Competition was played at the end of Thursday night’s episode. A new member of the BB22 cast has taken the power, with Memphis Garrett taking his place among the regular people for Week 3.

Cody Calafiore won the first Head of Household Competition of the season and got Keesha Smith evicted. Then, Memphis Garrett became the second HOH, and he was successful in getting Nicole Anthony evicted.

After Nicole was evicted on Thursday night, the power was back up for grabs. This was a critical week to be in charge, as it is the final week of Safety Suite, and there are some powerful alliances ready to do work.

Who won Head of Household on Big Brother 22?

This was one of those challenges that are often referred to as a “crapshoot” on the show as it relies a bit on luck, and everyone really has the same chance to win the competition.

The houseguests simply had to slide mugs on tables onto numbers. Landing their mug on the highest number would result in that person becoming the new Head of Household.

Tyler Crispen won the HOH Competition.

Tyler now has the power during an important week, and it will be very exciting to see what he does while in control. Will he go with the majority of the house? Or is Tyler ready to make a bold game move that would be historical in context and get even more Big Brother fans to love him?

This is a good time to point out the new power quartet that could be running the BB22 house.

The upcoming Big Brother 22 schedule

Within the house, they will play the third Safety Competition early on Friday. That will give people like Memphis Garrett and Cody Calafiore a chance to gain safety and share it with a plus one.

Later on Friday, the next Nomination Ceremony is going to be held. That’s where two people are going to be put up on the block, and the BB22 cast will start figuring out who the real target is for the week.

It’s going to be a week most likely full of drama, so fans should expect a lot of Big Brother spoilers to be coming from the live feeds. A struggle for power is going to take place in the shadows, and there are going to be some casualties after easy targets were picked off in the first two weeks.

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