Big Brother Double Eviction: Are two people going to BB22 jury this week?

Memphis Garrett Is On BB22
Memphis Garrett is back to play Big Brother for a second time in summer 2020. Pic credit: CBS

A Big Brother Double Eviction is expected by many houseguests to take place this week. It is a constant topic of conversation with a high number of the BB22 cast members worried that the episode could get chaotic.

The week has already started off in a very chaotic fashion, with the new HOH naming some surprising nominations. Or maybe unsurprising if you are a viewer who has felt that each new HOH is doing something extremely predictable.

Either way, the BB22 cast is heading toward a very interesting Eviction Ceremony and many of them have spoken out loud about their strong feelings that two people are about to get evicted.

What happens with a Big Brother Double Eviction?

If it is a Double Eviction on Thursday night, host Julie Chen Moonves will reveal very early in the episode that they are doing a quick vote of the current nominees. That would get knocked out of the way in the first ten minutes or so.

Once someone has been evicted, the rest of the BB22 cast plays through a week of events. They will have a quick HOH Competition, two people will get nominated, they will all play for the Power of Veto, the final nominees will be set, and a second Eviction Ceremony will take place to close out the episode.

The intent is to go through a week’s worth of action in about an hour, with two people getting sent to the BB22 jury house. Later, likely on the CBS live feeds, the remaining houseguests would then play a second HOH Competition of the evening.

Double Eviction episodes are filled with excitement, especially since decisions and votes have to be made in the spur of the moment and sometimes they lead to unexpected results or consequences. It is also about that time where an alliance or two gets completely blown up in the game.

Will there be a Big Brother Double Eviction episode this week?

We haven’t heard anything official from the show in regard to a Double Eviction episode taking place this week. Sometimes the houseguests will feel a certain way and they will convince themselves that something is going to take place.

It would certainly lead to a fun episode on Thursday, September 17, if two people are getting evicted, but they might not even need a DE to fill the time with everything else that is going on in the house right now.

As a quick reminder, don’t forget that there is no Wednesday night episode next week. It has been moved to a day earlier on the updated Big Brother All-Stars schedule.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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