Big Brother: CBS makes all past seasons available for free

Julie Chen BB21
Julie Chen on stage with the Big Brother 21 cast. Pic credit: Monty Brinton/CBS

Big Brother fans can now watch all past seasons of the show for free.

CBS made the decision to provide the seasons of Big Brother through its All Access application and made the official announcement on Friday.

Now, anyone who is stuck at home during this difficult time can binge-watch past seasons of the show.

That includes Big Brother 21 — which aired during summer 2029 — where Jackson Michie was declared the winner.

Also available is Big Brother 7, which was the first All-Stars version of the show to air in the United States.

There are quite a few seasons that new fans of the show should try out, including Big Brother 12, where Rachel Reilly appeared on the show for the first time.

As explained in the Twitter post below, CBS is offering a free 30-day trial of its All Access application. That is where the network has been providing some new shows online, but also where a catalog of older CBS shows is available for viewing.

In addition to Big Brother seasons being available on there, CBS All Access users can view episodes of NCIS, Survivor, The Amazing Race, and even the new Star Trek show, Picard.

And that’s just a small taste of what they have to offer.

Big Brother Canada canceled

There was some recent bad news about the Canadian version of the show. The BB8 Canada cast had already been in the house for a while as the outside world started dealing with the current pandemic.

Due to issues with production and possibly because of some backlash on social media, the network pulled the plug on Big Brother Canada. It ended the season much earlier than anticipated.

Big Brother 22 canceled some casting calls

Back here in the United States, the pandemic has affected the ability of production to put together the Big Brother 22 cast. They recently had to cancel some of the casting calls, which in turn led to more rumors about a possible All-Stars season taking place this summer.

So far, CBS has remained relatively quiet about the future of the show, leaving fans with the hopes that Big Brother 22 will still go off without a hitch this summer. If everything gets back on schedule, the BB22 cast will begin playing the game at the end of June, showing that there is still time to get it all figured out.

Big Brother 22 should air on CBS in summer 2020.