Big Brother alums share the worst parts about the house

Rachel Reilly Dressed Up
BB13 winner Rachel Reilly spent a lot of time inside the Big Brother house. Pic credit: ©

Spending a summer inside the Big Brother house comes with challenges.

Cut off from the real world, Big Brother houseguests have to live with many roommates and share a limited number of bathrooms.

The producers have called the show a social experiment before, and it also applies to whether or not someone can last 85 to 100 days locked indoors.

And even the backyard, which allows the houseguests to see the sky a few days a week, is built on a stage.

There are also numerous cameras filming everything they do in the game.

But there are some unseen challenges that the houseguests have to deal with, and some of them were shared during the Big Brother 25th anniversary show.

What are the worst parts of living in the Big Brother house?

Hannah Chaddha from Big Brother 23 said that the worst part of her experience was never knowing the actual time.

The houseguests are kept in the dark about the time of day, and there are no working clocks inside the house.

“The worst part is that it can also get really, really cold in there,” said four-time player Janelle Pierzina.

“The worst part is how dirty it is,” said Frankie Grande from Big Brother 16.

“We all have to clean it ourselves,” Frankie added.

Cleanliness can be a problem for the Big Brother house, leading to several times where ants became a big problem.

The Big Brother 23 cast had no problem keeping up with the chores, as they routinely cleaned and kept the set spotless.

“The worst is hanging 50 feet in the air, getting sprayed down in the cold,” Kaysar Ridha from Big Brother: All-Stars stated.

Kaysar was referring to the challenges in the backyard. He noted that people don’t realize how difficult some challenges can be on Big Brother.

Big Brother 13 winner Rachel Reilly referenced the Have-Not Room, where she had to sleep near maggots and on lawn chairs.

Being a Have-Not on Big Brother means cold showers, eating slop (usually), and sleeping on uncomfortable beds in a separate room.

Why do some houseguests wear sunglasses on Big Brother?

Big Brother fans tuning in to watch the live feeds or catching an episode on CBS might notice houseguests wearing sunglasses indoors.

The reason for those sunglasses comes down to the brightness and not exhaustion. Many houseguests have noted how bright the lights are – and it’s true.

Having an indoor stage with vaulted ceilings means needing a lot of lights. And those bright lights hanging from the roof can lead to headaches for some people.

A new season of Big Brother is about to arrive, and CBS has revealed the early episode schedule for Summer 2023.

Many Big Brother ladies also dressed up for the Barbie movie premiere this month.

Big Brother 25 debuts on August 2 on CBS.

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