Big Brother alums Evel Dick Donato, Derek Frazier in Twitter feud over gameplay

Derek Frazier Playing BB23 On LF
Derek Frazier from Big Brother 2021 is feuding with Evel Dick Donato on social media. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother winner Evel Dick Donato and Big Brother 23 runner-up Derek Frazier are embroiled in a Twitter feud that has fans divided.

During this past summer, Derek was a part of the BB23 cast and he made it to the final two. A member of The Cookout, Derek ended up losing out to Xavier Prather on a 9-0 vote on finale night.

Evel Dick first appeared on Big Brother 8, where he emerged as the winner over his daughter, Daniele Donato, on a 5-2 vote from the BB8 jury. He returned to play with Daniele on a team season, but he self-evicted early in the season due to a health situation.

Since their time in the Big Brother house, both Evel Dick and Derek have been extremely active on social media when it comes to discussing the show, and that has continued with the new Celebrity Big Brother season this winter.

A feud begins between Derek Frazier and Evel Dick Donato

“The game I played was flawless. I lied, manipulated, slept, cleaned and entertained my way to the end✅?#bb23,” Derek wrote on a Twitter post that he made.

Quite a few fans have already disagreed with his claim that the game was “flawless” since he didn’t even get a single vote on finale night. At the same time, his gameplay did get him all the way to the end, and it helped increase his social media clout.

Seeing Derek’s post, Evel Dick made one of his own on Twitter, sharing his thoughts on what the BB23 cast member had just written.

“Looks like Big D has picked up a crack habit after the show. Someone who loves him needs to do an intervention ASAP! Or he’s practicing his stand up comedy routine. Not sure which…,” Evel Dick posted as a response to what Derek wrote up.

Following the dig from Evel Dick, Derek returned to Twitter to leave a response of his own.

“Evel Dick, we all know you know a thing or two about that and don’t ever disrespect me again especially during black history month. Know your place?,” Derek wrote as a comment on Evel Dick’s post.

Derek Frazier responds to Evel Dick Donato's social media comment
Derek Frazier responds to Evel Dick Donato’s social media comment. Pic credit: @TheDerekFrazier/Twitter

It will be interesting to see where this feud goes or if that is the end of it with the latest post from Derek F.

Meanwhile, they have both returned to talking about the game at hand, with Evel Dick sharing a photo from when he spent time with Tiffany Mitchell from BB23.

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