Big Brother All-Stars spoilers: Who was evicted tonight, who won HOH?

Christmas And Kaysar Week 4 Noms
Kaysar Ridha and Christmas Abbott were on the block for Week 4 Eviction Ceremony. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother All-Stars spoilers from Thursday will include who was evicted tonight and who won the HOH Competition.

This will serve as a live blog/recap for Season 22, Episode 13, where Christmas Abbott and Kaysar Ridha are on the block in front of the BB22 cast.

One of them is going to be heading home very soon.

During the last episode, Enzo Palumbo (the current HOH) put Christmas on the block to replace Kevin Campbell.

Now, following a plane possibly flying a banner over the Big Brother house, we will all see the fourth eviction.

Tune in here beginning at 8e/7c to follow along as we watch the Thursday night installment.

Big Brother 22 recap: Eviction night

Host Julie Chen Moonves welcomed the CBS viewers and then it was time to watch the “previously on Big Brother” segment. The announcer also said that a new room will open up tonight. What surprises will follow up the Safety Suite?

Julie mentioned that the ghost of Janelle is still roaming the house. She then warned the houseguests about where they planted their seeds of dought.

An extended segment was shown where Daniele Donato was planting those seeds of information all over the house. It’s something she has been doing for a while, and even her father (Evel Dick Donato) has said it is hard to root for her this season.

Julie also let viewers know that the new secret room is called the BB Basement and she promised more details by the end of the episode.

Ian Terry had a segment where he talked to Kevin Campbell about a core in the house of Cody Calafiore and Nicole Franzel that he had found out. Telling other people was probably a mistake by Ian.

But Ian also pulled Kaysar aside to continue that conversation and they discussed possibly blowing things up before Kaysar left the house. Julie then hinted that something could be coming up. But would it?

Who got evicted tonight on Big Brother?

The BB 22 cast will choose to evict Kaysar Ridha or Christmas Abbott. When they got up to give their speeches about being saved, Kaysar started revealing alliances, including telling everyone that Cody and Nicole are running the house. He told them to keep him around if they wanted to play the game and vote him out if they wanted to just sit around and enjoy a reunion.

Cody voted to evict Kaysar (with a snide comment that should go over well with fans), Memphis Garrett voted to evict Kaysar, Dani Donato voted to evict Kaysar while calling him tasteless, Ian voted to evict his “friend” Kaysar, Kevin voted for Kaysar, and Da’Vonne Rogers voted Kaysar while paying him many compliments.

David Alexander then also voted for Kaysar, Bayleigh Dayton voted for Kaysar (sadly she said), Nicole Franzel voted for Kaysar, and Tyler Crispen voted for Kaysar to make it a unanimous eviction.

Kaysar had a great chat with Julie once he was out of the house and he likely gained even more fans.

Who won HOH Competition on Big Brother tonight?

Following the Eviction Ceremony, 11 houseguests played for the power. It was an important challenge, especially with what had just happened with Kaysar’s speech.

Before they got started, Julie let everyone know that there would be no Have-Nots for Week 5.

The HOH Competition was a question-and-answer challenge where people faced off and one person was eliminated each round.

Kevin eliminated Ian, Cody eliminated Nicole, Da’Vonne eliminated Kevin, and Memphis eliminated Cody. Dani then eliminated David, Da’Vonne eliminated Bayleigh, Memphis eliminated Dani, and Da’Vonne eliminated Tyler.

Christmas beat Memphis, leaving just Da’Vonne and Christmas competing for HOH. Christmas Abbott is the new Head of Household. 

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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