Big Brother All-Stars Double Eviction revealed for two-hour special episode

Da'Vonne Rogers Playing BB22
Da’Vonne Rogers is playing Big Brother for a third time as a cast member. Pic credit: CBS

A Big Brother All-Stars Double Eviction episode has finally been officially revealed. Houseguests have kept guessing about when one might be taking place, but we now have one showing up on the CBS television schedule.

There are still 10 people competing for the $500,000 prize this summer. In fact, the BB22 jury was just started with the eviction of Ian Terry. He will get to vote on who should win the summer 2020 season a bit later.

To get down to the final three before the October 27 season finale, the BB22 cast might need to go through two Double Evictions. Up to this point, there have been a lot of questions about when one of them might finally take place.

Now, we have a bit of information about when one is definitely going to happen.

Big Brother Double Eviction night

On Thursday, October 1, the Big Brother All-Stars cast will have a Double Eviction.

The great news is that CBS is also giving the show two hours to do it, so things won’t have to be as rushed as they have been in past seasons.

Corralling this cast hasn’t been the easiest of things for host Julie Chen Moonves, and she had a lot of trouble getting the new cast to just settle down during that move-in event back in August.

The way that a DE works on the show is that they go through a week’s worth of events in one night. Toward the beginning of the episode, an Eviction Ceremony will be hosted and then it will get really busy for the next two hours.

During the October 1 episode, they will play a Head of Household Competition, hold a Nomination Ceremony, play in a Veto Competition, attend a Veto Meeting, and then have a second Eviction Ceremony to wrap things up.

Two people will head to the BB22 jury from that one episode and the HOH will only be in charge of the game for a short time. Later that night, typically after the episode has come to an end, the houseguests play in another HOH Competition to re-award the power.

The latest Big Brother spoilers

A lot has happened on the CBS live feeds over the past few days. Memphis Garrett won the Head of Household and he nominated Da’Vonne Rogers and Kevin Campbell for eviction. Memphis then told almost everyone his real plan.

Outside of the house, Ian Terry has been giving his post-eviction interviews. He is also answering questions about Nicole Franzel’s wedding.

And speaking of evicted houseguests from BB All-Stars 2, Janelle Pierzina just raised a lot of money for charity by auctioning off one of the necklaces she wore in the house.

Big Brother airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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