Big Brother 25’s Cory and America provide update, America calls Matt ‘dumb’ and reveals she was hit by a car

America And Cory BB25
America Lopez and Cory Wurtenberger became a showmance on Big Brother 25. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother 25 showmance between Cory Wurtenberger and America Lopez takes center stage in a new interview from Sharon Tharp.

She sat down for a chat with the BB25 cast members and discussed life for about an hour. It gave them time to cover many topics, including their relationship status, America getting hit by a car, and even the Matt Klotz drama.

As die-hard Cory and America fans already know, he returned to college at Vanderbilt, and she moved to join him in Nashville, Tennessee. The couple also interacts with fans and chats about reality TV on social media.

At the beginning of the interview shared below, America and Cory spoke about what it was like to go from the Big Brother jury house to the real world. America also noted that she learned a lot from Taylor Hale and Joseph Abdin from BB24 regarding how they dealt with fans in public.

Cory noted that he feels pressure due to how many people are invested in their relationship. He spoke about the pros and cons of being in a public relationship. He wants to keep things private, while America wants to reveal everything.

America also joked about wanting an Us Weekly photoshoot at some point. That would certainly happen if the couple got married.

New full interview with America Lopez and Cory Wurtenberger

After she explained the move to Nashville, America talked about the differences from living in New York. That’s when she revealed she got hit by a car while out wine shopping. She’s fine, and it didn’t stop her from getting the wine.

The couple talked about life, social media, and various other things but got to the topic of Matt Klotz at about 12:50 in the video.

For anyone who hasn’t heard yet, Matt is rewriting history about his crush on Reilly Smedley in the Big Brother house. It has led to much backlash from fans and alums on social media.

America and Cory also revealed that they were disappointed to learn that Matt didn’t like them when they left the house. This was because they thought Matt was their friend but didn’t learn till later that he was talking badly about them.

“I think Matt’s a crowd pleaser,” Cory stated about Matt’s recent interview.

“I think he’s just dumb. He’s dumb,” America chimed in.

See what else the Big Brother showmance had to say in the full interview shared below.

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