Big Brother fans shocked that Matt Klotz ‘trying to rewrite history’ after being ‘obsessed’ with Reilly on BB25

Matt In BB25 House
Matt Klotz was a fan favorite on the Big Brother 25 cast. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 25 runner-up Matt Klotz did a recent interview discussing his time in the house. It led to surprises when he tried to distance himself from his crush on Reilly Smedley.

As a reminder, Matt developed feelings for Reilly early in the Big Brother 25 season. He even expressed that to her before she became the second person evicted.

Later, he created shrines for Reilly inside the Big Brother house and got openly upset at his fellow houseguests if they messed with those shrines. It was clear his feelings were increasing as the season progressed.

When he finally won a Head of Household Competition late in the season, he received an HOH letter from Reilly and a photo of her with his parents. He couldn’t stop sharing his excitement on the Big Brother live feeds.

Reilly popped up at the season finale, and it appeared they would try dating in the real world. But a romantic relationship wasn’t in the cards.

Matt has now made numerous suspect comments about his time with Reilly, leading to many Big Brother fans feeling he is trying to hide how “obsessed” he was with her.

Big Brother fans shocked by Matt’s comments about Reilly

In the interview clip below, Matt addressed getting his HOH letter from Reilly instead of his family.

“I see this blonde girl. I’m like, ‘Who’s this?'” Matt claims he thought when he saw Reilly’s picture as part of his HOH basket.

“I’ve only known Reilly for two weeks,” he stated, even though the live feeds showed him constantly looking at her picture on the Memory Wall.

He continues speaking about Reilly and downplaying how often he talked about her, openly pined for her, and sought in-game revenge against the people who voted against her.

Big Brother fans react to Matt Klotz interview

To say that Big Brother fans have been shocked by how Matt has tried to downplay his Reilly crush would be understating it.

“The way this man is trying to rewrite history is wild,” wrote one fan.

“He not finna gaslight us like he wasn’t talking about her ALL THE TIME,” wrote another fan.

“Oh no. This is embarrassing for him. He was creepily OBSESSED with that woman and cried about her weeks after she was gone. Come on, Matt. Don’t lie,” posted someone else.

Matt Rewrite History BB25
A video clip from a recent Matt Klotz interview. Pic credit: @MANNYORKE/X

Many Big Brother fans also quickly pointed out that Matt appeared “obsessed” with Reilly.

“Does he think we all forgot how weirdly obsessed he was with her? He was a loser then and is still a loser now. Reilly dodged a bullet honestly,” posted a fan.

“OMG this is trashy as hell. Gross,” expressed another viewer.

“Usually I do not care about post bb but the fact he thirsted over her the whole season being down right creepy and then turns it around like this. Honestly glad he lost,” responded a fan who used to support Matt.

Matt Obsessed BB25
Some Big Brother fans feel Matt was obsessed on BB25. Pic credit: @MANNYORKE/X

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