Big Brother 25: Why is there still no new Head of Household?

Blue BB25 Survived
Blue Kim was in a difficult spot during the Big Brother 25 Double Eviction. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 25 is heading into uncharted territory.

A Double Eviction happened Thursday night, with the BB25 evicting two people.

Cameron Hardin and Jared Fields were sent packing. Or were they?

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Due to a twist in the game, Cameron and Jared did not go home. Instead, they became zombies.

As Big Brother Zombies, Jared and Cameron get to live in the house a while longer.

Julie Chen Moonves did tell everyone to “expect the unexpected” this season.

Why is there no new HOH?

At the end of the September 21 episode, Julie told CBS viewers that Week 8 will be different.

They are not playing for HOH, nominating anyone, or playing in a Veto Competition.

In game terms, it might be a boring week for the BB25 houseguests.

Meanwhile, Jared Fields and Cameron Hardin are working to re-enter the game.

One of these evicted guys will get a second chance at the $750,000 prize.

At the same time, the player who returns may get evicted immediately, for a second time.

Cory Wurtenberger did get his HOH basket

Cory won the HOH Competition during the Double Eviction episode but lost power quickly due to the sped-up night.

That’s the unfortunate aspect of being the HOH for that episode because most perks never arrive. He did get a target out of the house, but that target (Jared) came right back.

After the episode concluded on CBS, Cory received an HOH basket that he shared with America Lopez.

No new person will take power as the house deals with the two Big Brother Zombies.

More Big Brother news

The Big Brother Zombies were already unleashed on the house. Cameron and Jared popped up on the live feeds late Thursday evening.

Interesting chats have happened between them, but Jared is upset about getting voted out.

Cameron has taken everything in stride, maybe because he was mentally prepared for the vote.

Due to the odd week for the houseguests, there are fewer episodes for the week.

There are no longer Wednesday episodes of Big Brother, with Survivor and The Amazing Race taking over the night.

Here is the updated BB25 TV schedule at CBS.

The live feeds are available on Paramount+ and Pluto TV. Alliances could shift as everyone has a week to digest what happened.

Previous episodes of Big Brother 25 are available for streaming on Paramount+, as are classic seasons from the past.

Big Brother 25 airs on CBS.

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Beverly Bennington
Beverly Bennington
1 month ago

I Hate this SeasonBoring & Fixed!