Big Brother 25 update: Breakdown of Scary Week so far

Cory as the BB25 HOH
Big Brother 25 castaway Cory Wurtenberger finished eighth place. Pic credit: CBS

Scary Week is underway on Big Brother 25.

Week 8 of the game revolves around a zombie twist, helping the show reach its 100-day goal.

A Double Eviction happened where nobody went home, and then host Julie Chen Moonves revealed Scary Week had begun.

Before the West Coast even saw the new episode, Jared Fields and Cameron Hardin returned to the house.

Jared and Cameron became zombies as producers gave them a shot at returning to the game.

It also let Jared yell at people who had just voted him out.

Big Brother fight in the Scary Room

Cirie Fields, Felicia Cannon, Mecole Hayes, and Jared Fields reportedly fought after the Double Eviction.

The fight happened while the feeds were down, but several houseguests have mentioned it. It was even noted that Cirie and Felicia were “screaming” during the incident.

Will Big Brother producers feature it during the September 24 episode? It likely focused on Mecole and Felicia voting against Jared to support Blue. Mecole and Felicia also learned that Cirie lied about the Izzy Gleicher eviction vote.

Battle Back Challenge for the zombies

Jared and Cameron are playing in a Battle Back Challenge. The winner will return to the game and get a second chance at the $750,000 prize.

Here is a link to the updated BB25 Battle Back spoilers.

While this is all taking place, much of the game has been paused.

Some fans wanted the show to move on without Jared and Cameron.

A dead week in the Big Brother house

There is no new Head of Household for Scary Week. They also won’t have nominations, a Veto Competition, or another Eviction Ceremony.

This could be called a reset week, as one of the evicted houseguests will return. Until that happens, the game is no closer to naming a winner.

Alliances and relationship drama

Cameron, Jag Bains, and Matt Klotz formed a new alliance called The Fugitives.

They also have a slightly larger alliance with Blue Kim as part of it.

Jag and Matt made their final two official, but Jag also made alliances with almost everyone in the house. There could be an episode segment on just that.

Mecole Hayes and Felicia Cannon have become even closer.

For a short while, Jared Fields and Blue Kim broke up. But they are now back together.

True alliances will become more evident after Jared or Cameron is sent home.

What happens with the Big Brother 25 schedule?

During Scary Week, there is no Wednesday night episode. September 27 will be dedicated to the return of Survivor and The Amazing Race.

Fans will get a late episode on Sunday and nothing until Scary Week finishes on Thursday, September 28.

Here is the official updated BB25 TV schedule at CBS.

Big Brother 25 airs on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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