Big Brother 25 spoilers: Plans made for a blindside

Bowie Jane HOH BB25
Bowie Jane really likes holding power in the Big Brother house. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 25 spoilers may have highlighted who will make the final three.

It’s been an intense weekend for the final four houseguests, all working toward confirming the last three people standing by Sunday night.

Week 14 is sped up for the players, especially with the season finale quickly approaching.

Bowie Jane secured her spot in the final three by winning the latest Head of Household Competition.

And then Bowie Jane worked with Jag Bains to set up Matt Klotz. It will be interesting to see if the plan makes it on one of the upcoming episodes.

Even though he was in danger this week, Jag secured his spot in the final three by winning the Power of Veto.

Will Jag send Matt to the BB25 jury?

“There’s layers to it,” Jag told Bowie Jane about the upcoming eviction.

Boiw Jane and Jag discussed what Jag should do at the Veto Meeting several times.

He is presented with keeping Matt or Felicia Cannon – a similar situation to what happened on Big Brother 23.

Xavier Prather nominated Azah Awasum and Kyland Young when the BB23 cast was down to its final three. Xavier had worked closely with Kyland all season, predicting he would save his buddy.

But Xavier cut Kyland to take two people who were weaker at challenges with him to the end. It worked, as Xavier easily won the final HOH Competition and beat Derek Frazier in the jury vote.

“Do I owe him anything?” Jag also asked Bowie Jane about taking Matt to the final three.

“He did use a power on me to save me,” Jag admitted.

He was referring to the Power of Invincibility that Matt used to save Jag after he got evicted.

“Ever since then, everything I have done has been to protect him,” Jag added as he started to give examples of that gameplay.

Below is a video from the Big Brother live feeds where Jag may have tried to get Bowie Jane to permit him to vote out Matt. She remained non-commital because she wanted Jag to be the one making that call.

Later, Jag made excuses about why keeping Felicia is best for his game.

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Will Jag cut Matt? It’s a good question. The answer may not be revealed until the live eviction episode on November 5.

Yes, Jag would have an easier time winning physical challenges against Felicia and Bowie Jane.

But would Jag lose another vote by sending Matt to the BB25 jury?

Cirie Fields noted Jag’s terrible jury management in one of her exit interviews, so she has an eye on what could be coming.

And America Lopez already said she is a bitter jury member, so things aren’t trending in Jag’s favor.

Cutting Matt might help Jag stay in the game, but it could also lead to Matt voting against him later.

Also, Big Brother fans may further turn on Jag if he cuts his best friend in the house before the end.

Below is a video clip that already got people frustrated about what Jag and Bowie Jane had planned.

Here is the TV schedule for the final BB25 episodes. It includes an extended season finale for the players.

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