Big Brother 25 spoilers: Overthrowing the HOH discussed

America in bed on BB25
America Lopez is part of Big Brother 25 cast. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 25 spoilers now include talk of flipping the vote.

This is a familiar narrative for the BB25 cast, so the revelation isn’t shocking.

But a quartet of houseguests discussed going against the wishes of the Head of Household this week.

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Cameron Hardin is the Head of Household after winning his third HOH Competition.

Felicia Cannon and Mecole Hayes became his nominees.

And then Cameron also won the Veto Competition, keeping the power in his hands.

Rather than take a shot at backdooring Cirie Fields or Cory Wurtenberger, Cameron passed on using the Power of Veto.

An HOH plan and talk of flipping the vote

Cameron settled on evicting Felicia and sending her home before the jury phase.

He thought the other houseguests agreed with the plan, but some discussed going in a different direction.

Jag Bains, Matt Klotz, Cory, and America Lopez had an early-morning chat on Tuesday (October 3).

The quartet discussed flipping the vote and sending Mecole home. They feel that Mecole is a threat, and this is a chance to vote her out.

It only takes four votes to send someone home this week, so they have the power to overthrow Cameron.

The short-term plan was for Cory to chat with Felicia after she blew up on him at the Veto Meeting.

More than 48 hours existed before the eviction vote, so they did not conclude how they would vote on Thursday night.

Will there be a vote flip to save Felicia?

These players have discussed many vote flips this season. Often, it ends up just being conjecture. It has given the producers footage to work with but sometimes gets viewers excited for no reason.

It does indicate that Jag and Matt aren’t as close to working with Cameron as they had let on. Keeping Felicia would frustrate Cameron because she could become a BB25 jury member.

Felicia also tried to make a BB25 deal with Cameron, but he turned her down. She didn’t take kindly to what happened in that conversation.

More chatter about a vote flip is expected over the next two days, but nothing is set in stone. The vote between Felicia and Mecole is scheduled for Thursday night (October 5).

Jared Fields has been doing Big Brother exit interviews. He said some interesting things about his relationships in the house.

CBS also shifted its Fall 2023 schedule. The network needed to fit in Survivor and The Amazing Race on Wednesday nights.

Here is the updated BB25 episode schedule for October.

Big Brother 25 airs on CBS.

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