Big Brother 25 spoilers: New eviction targets revealed on live feeds

Julie Chen BB25
The Big Brother 25 season has come to an end. Pic credit: Aimee Santos and Gaye Ann Bruno/CBS

The live feeds have revealed some new Big Brother 25 spoilers.

The new Head of Household already has a target in mind as the final seven players advance.

Cory Wurtenberger was sent to the jury house on Thursday night (October 19), where he will wait until it’s time to select a winner.

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Cameron Hardin will finally have some company on the BB25 jury, but he may be surprised that Cory was the next one out.

The Secret HOH week also ended, but most of the house knew Jag Bains held the power.

If the producers use the Invisible HOH twist again, maybe they should require it to be kept a secret?

The new HOH takes power

Late Thursday night, the houseguests played for the power again.

And Jag Bains is the Head of Household. Again.

The producers stated that the Invisible HOH would get to play for power the following week, so Jag was allowed to compete.

Having one person as the HOH for consecutive weeks doesn’t sit well with many Big Brother fans, but that’s how the twist was laid out.

Jag now gets an HOH Room (this time) to hold court as the other houseguests clamor for safety.

Who is the new HOH targeting for eviction?

Jag told Matt Klotz he wanted to get out Blue Kim and America Lopez.

The easy path forward is for Jag to nominate Blue and America at his Nomination Ceremony.

If the nominations stay the same after the Veto Meeting, he could leave it up to the house to decide who joins Cory and Cameron on the BB25 jury.

The early plan is to use Felicia Cannon as the replacement nominee, which is news she should love hearing later in the week.

Jag and Matt also discussed trying to earn trust with Felicia by using Bowie Jane as a pawn instead of her.

Alternatively, America and Felicia/Bowie Jane could go on the block with a plan to backdoor Blue. But that plan would come with added risk.

Jag wants to keep Matt safe. He also wants to avoid putting Cirie Fields on the block.

America has offered safety during the upcoming Double Eviction if Jag and Matt protect her this week (should she win that HOH Competition).

The official Nomination Ceremony will happen later on Friday afternoon/evening (October 20).

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Before he left, Cory claimed he played harder than anyone in the house this season.

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Big Brother 25 airs Sunday at 10/9, Tuesday at 8/7c, and Thursday at 9/8c on CBS.

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Norma Boren
Norma Boren
1 month ago

No one played harder then Cameron