Big Brother 25 Break-In Twist has many possibilities

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Host Julie Chen Moonves has more twists coming for the Big Brother 25 cast. Pic credit: © Thompson/Admedia

The Big Brother 25 cast members have to deal with a Break-In Twist.

That’s what producers call the return of Frankie Grande, Britney Haynes Godwin, and Danielle Reyes.

Having a trio of former houseguests open the new season indicates drama is coming.

The story is that Frankie, Britney, and Danielle want to make changes to their respective seasons, but something goes wrong.

The future was altered by trying to change the outcomes of their seasons (BB3, BB12, BB14, and BB16).

And this is where BB25 could get very intriguing for fans watching at home.

The opening moments of the BB25 twist can be viewed here.

What could the Big Brother Break-In Twist mean for BB25?

In each season that this trio played, big twists and themes were introduced to the game.

Big Brother 3 allowed the house to vote for an evicted houseguest to return. It gave Amy Crews a second chance.

BB3 also featured the Silver Power of Veto, which allowed the POV winner to save someone from the block, but that person couldn’t be themselves.

On Big Brother 12, the Saboteur Twist was introduced. That person’s job was to cause chaos in the house and earn prize money for succeeding or making it deep into the game.

The first saboteur on BB12 (Annie Whittington) was told she would win $50,000 if she made it through the first five weeks undetected. She went home first.

Big Brother 14 had the houseguests play in teams of four. Coaches were featured that season. Having the houseguests play as teams could introduce a fun dynamic on BB25.

And on Big Brother 16, two twists were introduced. BB16 had Team America and Battle of the Block. The Team America Twist had houseguests carrying out tasks voted on by the fans.

Members of Team America were Frankie, Donny Thompson, Derrick Levasseur, and Joey Van Pelt.

As for the BOTB, two HOHs were put in power, and each HOH named two nominees. The pairs of nominees would then battle it out in a challenge. The winners would come off the block and dethrone the person who had nominated them.

Below is a video showing how Battle of the Block worked.

Big Brother 25 is off to the races

The first episode of Big Brother 25 airs on Wednesday, August 2.

Here is a look at the early BB25 TV schedule.

And some juicy details about the BB25 season premiere include a possible live studio audience.

On that first night, fans will learn which twists from the past will impact the new houseguests.

All previous seasons of Big Brother are available for streaming on Paramount+. Fans can use the streaming service to see how those twists played out during their seasons.

Big Brother 25 debuts on August 2 on CBS.

All episodes of Big Brother are now streaming on Paramount+. Try it FREE!

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