Big Brother 23: How does this week’s Double Eviction episode work?

Kyland On Big Brother 2021
Kyland Young may have a good shot at being named the Big Brother 2021 winner. Pic credit: CBS

A Big Brother 23 Double Eviction episode takes place this week and it’s going to be an exciting night for viewers. By the end of the hour, two people will be heading to the BB23 jury house.

As indicated by the name of the yearly twist for the show, a Double Eviction means that two evictions will be taking place over the course of the evening. It’s a way to present some drama and a few live moments that aren’t pre-taped and edited.

Sometimes, a surprise person ends up getting sent packing, but there are definitely some plans in place with The Cookout alliance to make sure that they survive the big night. But can they do it?

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Julie Chen Moonves let CBS viewers know that the first Double Eviction episode will take place on Thursday, September 9. Also, here is the full Big Brother 23 schedule for fans to plan ahead this summer. Quite a bit has changed for CBS since the Fall 2021 shows are beginning.

How does the Double Eviction episode work on Big Brother 23?

The September 9 episode of Big Brother 23 will begin with Julie Chen Moonves hosting another Eviction Ceremony. Two nominees from the week will be on the block and one of them will get voted out. They will then travel to the BB23 jury house, where they will become the fourth member of the voting group.

Once the cast is down to seven people on Thursday night, a new Head of Household Competition will take place. Someone will take over for Tiffany Mitchell as the Head of Household and they will immediately be tasked with naming two nominees for eviction.

Six people will then play for the Power of Veto. The two nominees, the HOH, and three other members of the BB23 cast will play in the Veto Competition. After the Power of Veto winner has been decided, that person will host a Veto Ceremony to either keep the nominees the same or save one of the nominees from the block.

After the busy night of playing, there will be a second Big Brother Eviction Ceremony, where someone else will be sent to join the BB23 jury. It’s that second eviction that could be interesting to watch, especially if someone not in The Cookout has become the HOH or has won the POV for the week.

The night will finally come to an end with yet another HOH Competition. There likely won’t be time to finish that challenge during the September 9 episode, so the results will probably get revealed on the Big Brother live feeds later in the evening.

Some Big Brother spoilers from the live feeds

For readers who want to jump ahead, we already know who won the Power of Veto this week.

Here are the results from the Big Brother Veto Competition that was played on Saturday. It was an exciting development for the week and it led to a lot of drama on the Big Brother live feeds.

Those weren’t the only spoilers to be revealed on the Big Brother live feeds, either. Here are videos of that moment for the BB23 cast, where a person in The Cookout told a non-member about their plans to protect the alliance.

Big Brother 23 airs Sundays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays at 8/7c on CBS.

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