Big Brother 22 spoilers: Updates from inside the house

Ian Terry Playing BB22
Ian Terry has had a really rough week on Big Brother All-Stars 2. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 22 spoilers include quite a bit of information from the past few days. A lot has happened since Christmas Abbott was crowned the new Head of Household and this article breaks down the most important moments.

To say it has been a busy few days inside the BB22 house is a bit of an understatement. Following the eviction of Kaysar Ridha and Christmas becoming the new HOH, there has been nonstop movement from the houseguests.

The following Big Brother 22 spoilers will include the BB Basement Competition results, the Week 5 nominations for eviction, the Power of Veto results, and who the primary target for eviction is on Thursday night.

There was also quite a lot of drama between the houseguests, much of it stemming from the realization that Kaysar and Janelle Pierzina were correct in nearly every prediction they made about what would happen after they each got evicted from the game.

BB Basement powers revealed

As host Julie Chen Moonves hinted, a new room opened up within the game. The BB Basement arrived and the 12 houseguests played in a pitch-black challenge. The results will be revealed in full during the Sunday night episode.

We know that Daniele Donato won one power (she told Nicole Franzel) and that Christmas Abbott won a power as well (she told Tyler Crispen).

Daniele’s power seems like a bit of a snoozer. As she explained it to Nicole, if she is the Head of Household, she can play her power and then play in the next HOH Competition. Typically, the outgoing HOH has to sit out the following challenge, but this power seems to allow her a chance to retain the power.

The power Christmas has is a tad more intriguing. She can block someone from becoming the replacement nominee at the Veto Ceremony. Christmas said that if the Power of Veto gets used, she can protect someone from getting put up on the block — possibly herself if needed.

The third power was just revealed on the Sunday night episode. David won it. He can now remove someone from the nomination block and force the HOH to nominate someone else following one of the next few Nomination Ceremonies.

Regarding these powers, we will also find out later if Daniele and Christmas were telling the truth about what they received.

Christmas Nomination Ceremony

At the latest Nomination Ceremony, Christmas nominated Bayleigh Dayton and Da’Vonne Rogers for eviction. Bayleigh was her primary target and Christmas let everyone in her core alliances know it.

Veto Competition results

Christmas also won the Power of Veto this week. This is the POV Competition where there are rewards and punishments.

As for the additional Big Brother 22 spoilers about the POV, Da’Vonne won $5,000, Dani got a No Slop pass, Nicole got a costume, and Bayleigh also got a punishment. Ian couldn’t play because he didn’t feel well, so there were only five competitors.

Drama in the Big Brother house

Some alliances have imploded this week, but that was expected with all of the outlying players targeted through the first four evictions. Suddenly, Bayleigh and Da’Vonne figured out that Dani and Christmas wanted them out, despite being told otherwise for weeks.

The drama in the house almost led to Tyler Crispen and Ian Terry self-evicting. They are both dealing with a lot of stress and anxiety that nearly got the best of them in the game.

Elsewhere, Nicole Franzel and Cody Calafiore are very pleased with their final two alliance still, even after a wall-yeller tried to warn the house about them.

Fans and houseguests are also still murmuring about the possibility of a plane flying a banner over the house.

There is going to be more drama to come, especially following the Veto Ceremony on Monday. Will the BB22 cast keep everyone from self-evicting before the next eviction? We will all have to stay tuned to find out for sure.

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