Big Brother 22: HOH promises safety to both nominees in odd move

Dani At BB22 Noms
Daniele Donato nominated a lot of people for eviction in Week 6. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother 22 Head of Household has promised safety to multiple nominees this week.

There are going to be a few spoilers from the live feeds presented in this article, so be aware of that as we present the interesting strategy that Daniele Donato has undertaken this week.

Dani has promised safety, protection, and support to three different nominees this week.

First, Dani pulled Kevin Campbell aside before her Nomination Ceremony to let him know she was putting him up as a pawn this week. She promised him that he was safe, that she didn’t want him to leave the house, and that he was not going to be her target.

David Alexander was the other primary nominee, but he secretly took himself off the block by using one of the BB Basement powers. The mere thought that David used the power to save himself angered many people on the BB22 cast. That included Cody Calafiore and Tyler Crispen, who compared him to O.J. Simpson in a backyard tirade.

Dani named Tyler as the replacement nominee, apologized to him for doing it, and assured him that he was safe for the week. Kevin and Tyler each had promises of safety from Dani as the Veto Competition approached.

Power of Veto leads to more lies from Dani

With the original nominees set, Dani pulled aside Ian Terry to let him know that he was safe. She wasn’t going after him this week, and Nicole Franzel followed that up by letting Ian know how safe he was for the week.

Meanwhile, Dani and Nicole continued to assure Kevin that he was safe, while also getting Enzo Palumbo, Cody, Memphis Garrett, and Christmas Abbott to also make promises to Kevin that he was safe. They secretly plotted to still vote out Kevin if the nominees stayed the same.

Da’Vonne Rogers then won the Power of Veto and used it to take Kevin off the block. Dani then immediately put Ian on the block next to Tyler.

Tyler and Ian still have promises of safety from Dani. A lot of people in the house are blaming David and Da’Vonne for the fact Tyler and Ian are on the block.

Is Dani lying to Ian or Tyler?

Dani still promises Tyler and Ian that they are safe. It’s an odd strategy to continue lying to the two people on the block, and it is clear that she is unsure of her next move.

The current plan is to evict Ian on a 5-3 vote, but Dani is still trying to convince Nicole that she has to vote out Ian. If Nicole votes against Tyler, it will lead to a 4-4 vote. In the case of a tie vote, the HOH gets to break the tie.

Dani is telling The Commission that she is voting out Ian if there is a tie but that she is mad that people are possibly going to force her to break that tie. She is badmouthing Da’Vonne at every turn and trying to get Cody to convince Nicole that Ian is expendable.

No matter how this week concludes, Daniele Donato has lied repeatedly to the first member of the BB22 jury, and she never had to tell a single lie. She didn’t need to try to convince Ian Terry and Tyler Crispen that they were both safe, but she did, and it might just guarantee a bitter juror. Already.

Ask Tyler and Paul Abrahamian how well a bitter jury works.

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