Big Brother 22 final three still complaining about Da’Vonne using the POV, David taking the money

Nicole Franzel BB22 Final Three
Nicole Franzel has made it all the way to the final three on Big Brother 22. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother 22 houseguests don’t have a lot to do in the house, so they are continuing to complain about how some of the other cast members played the game this summer.

It’s not a good look for Cody Calafiore, Nicole Franzel, and Enzo Palumbo, as they are basically complaining that not everyone did their bidding every week in the house.

Maybe the producers should give them a few board games or hook up a video game console because some of these complaints are just getting really old.

People still upset Da’Vonne used the Power of Veto

During Week 6, Daniele Donato was the Head of Household, and she put Kevin Campbell and David Alexander on the block. David used his secret power to get off the block, and Dani replaced him with Tyler Crispen.

Then, Da’Vonne Rogers won the Power of Veto by balancing tiny beer cans. It was her first competition win on the show, and she was extremely proud of it. That was when things got dicey.

Tyler tried to plan a fake fight, members of The Committee went to Da’Vonne with lies about getting Tyler out right then, and then Dani and Nicole Franzel told Da’Vonne that she couldn’t use the POV and still work with them.

Da’Vonne used the POV to save Kevin, as she saw him as a possible ally later in the game. They were developing a great friendship, and it seems to be one that will carry on outside the house.

The Committee and Enzo Palumbo were really mad at Da’Vonne for using the POV, mostly because they were going to vote out Kevin, and since then, they have non-stop based Da’Vonne for that choice.

The complaining continues, as Cody, Nicole, and Enzo still don’t like that Da’Vonne made a game move to help herself.

BB22 Social Game Chat
Nicole thinks she played a great social game on BB22. Pic credit: @BB22LiveFeeds/Twitter

Frustrations with David taking the OTEV money

During the OTEV Veto Competition, David Alexander opted to take the $10,000 prize rather than continue playing for the Power of Veto.

Despite refusing to work with him for most of the summer, other houseguests were really mad at him. Christmas Abbott seemed the most upset initially, possibly because she wasn’t even in the challenge and had no shot at winning the money.

Enzo and Cody Calafiore talked about their own frustrations, as they wanted to be the ones to win the money. Later, David going for the money was used as an excuse to get him out of the game, even though The Committee was never going to let him get to the final seven anyway.

The complaints have continued with the final three:

David Chat On BBLF
Final three complain about David winning money on BB22. Pic credit: @BB22LiveFeeds/Twitter

Interesting BB22 jury debate coming up soon

There are several strong personalities on the BB22 jury, and it could lead to an exciting roundtable on the season finale. Dani already seems extremely bitter when the topic of Cody and Nicole comes up.

Christmas Abbott will soon be added to that mix.

We now know who won Part 1 of the final HOH Competition, which definitely adds a bit of flavor to how things could work out with the final two. The pressure is definitely on the other two houseguests to do well in Part 2.

The voting is also open for America’s Favorite Houseguest, and we have a breakdown on how fans of the show can weigh in on who their favorite members of the Big Brother All-Stars 2 cast were this summer.

Big Brother airs Friday and Monday at 8/7c and Wednesday at 9/8c on CBS.

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