Big Brother 22: Daniele Donato, Ian Terry had argument in HOH Room

Ian Terry On BB22 Block
Ian Terry was nominated by Daniele Donato on Big Brother All-Stars 2. Pic credit: CBS

Big Brother 22 cast members Daniele Donato and Ian Terry seem to have had a big argument when the feeds were down on Tuesday night.

For more than two hours, the houseguests got to enjoy some alcohol and conversation with the live feeds turned off. There were rumors of another wall-yeller, but the feeds have been routinely down for hours at a time this summer.

When the feeds did return, there were several conversations indicating that Daniele and Ian had a heated discussion, seemingly spurred on by Dani nominating Ian for eviction.

A focal point of the Tuesday night episode was that Da’Vonne Rogers won the Power of Veto, Kevin Campbell was saved from the block, and Ian was used as a replacement nominee.

After Dani promised Ian safety this week, it’s not too surprising that he has taken the nomination hard. And the writing is on the wall about the next Eviction Ceremony: Ian is likely to become the first member of the BB22 jury.

Dani tells Tyler Crispen about Ian conversation

As shown in the video clip below, Daniele met with Tyler in the Storage Room in the early morning hours of Wednesday. She relayed parts of the conversation that she had with Ian and it was pretty clear that she had enjoyed a beverage or two earlier.

To summarize it all, it appears that Ian is holding Daniele personally responsible for sending him to the BB22 jury house and that he is alluding to not voting for her when it comes time to decide who the Big Brother 22 winner is this summer.

Take a look at the clip below and come to your own conclusions:

Dani would later have a conversation about Cody in regard to the same topic, telling him that Ian threatened her by saying she would not have his jury vote.

There were also a number of discussions about how Nicole Franzel was/is upset about her alliance taking out Ian instead of going after Da’Vonne or Enzo Palumbo this week.

And speaking of Enzo, it appears that he has pieced together one of the pre-gaming alliances in the house. But will he actually do anything about it?

Is Dani Donato’s HOH week a success?

If Ian Terry becomes the first member of the BB22 jury and Tyler Crispen remains in the house, the conclusion will likely be that Dani Donato had a successful week as the HOH.

It’s not exactly a big move to take out Ian right now, but if she saves Tyler, it will keep her alliances all intact. If she makes it to the final two with someone else voting out Ian, this move might not end up mattering to him as much.

For readers interesting in hearing more from Dani, she did a video for fans where she answers questions.

And as for that argument in the HOH Room, hopefully, it turns up in a future episode.

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