Big Brother 2021 start date to be much earlier than with BB22 cast

BB22 HOH Comp In Action
A new Big Brother cast will soon be playing for the first HOH. Pic credit: CBS

The Big Brother 2021 start date is getting very close and it will kick off another summer of the hit reality competition show at CBS.

The great news is that the Big Brother 23 cast will start playing their season much earlier in the summer than when Big Brother All-Stars 2 got started last year.

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, several delays took place when it came to CBS starting up a new season of the show. With added safety precautions, it also meant that there were new steps to make sure that everyone was healthy when they entered the Big Brother house.

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Rather than getting started at the normal time for a summer season, the season premiere of Big Brother 22 got pushed all the way back to August. The first episode aired on August 5, which, in turn, meant that the season would go deep into the fall. It wasn’t until nearly the end of October that Cody Calafiore was crowned the winner.

Now, with the safety precautions all worked out, it’s easier to get things back on to a regular schedule when it comes to CBS summer programming. And that’s definitely good news for the network, the fans at home, and the people who will be a part of the BB23 cast.

When is the Big Brother 2021 start date?

CBS routinely has the Big Brother start date fall on the fourth Wednesday in June. If the network sticks with that plan for the BB23 cast, then the first episode would fall on Wednesday, June 23. That would allow the show to end in September, right before the debut of Survivor Season 41 on CBS.

Getting the show back into a regular flow during the summer months will be good for fans – especially the ones who are excited about some new faces playing the game. For Big Brother 22, producers brought back a group of people who had already played the game. Dubbed as Big Brother All-Stars 2, it gave viewers some familiar people to root on.

Now, it might be time to get back to basics for the show, especially after CBS released a statement about changes to how its reality show casts would be formed.

Paramount+ streaming old Big Brother seasons

To pass the time until the Big Brother 23 season premiere, fans can check out the Paramount+ application, which allows the streaming of past seasons of the show. There has been a lot of drama over the years that has led to some great TV, and if you missed out on one of the first few seasons, you can now binge-watch every episode.

Big Brother - Perfect Shot

Big Brother is currently on hiatus at CBS.

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