Beyond the Edge winner: Intense finale challenge reveals champion

Beyond The Edge CBS
Who won Beyond the Edge was revealed. Pic credit: CBS

The Beyond the Edge winner was crowned on Wednesday night, with fans finally learning who ended up on top during the competition down in Panama.

Coming into the season finale, Colton Underwood and Ray Lewis had made it to the final two, with one of them about to win their charity a huge amount of money.

Singer Craig Morgan and former NFL star Mike Singletary were also a big part of the finale, as they finished in third and fourth place during the season, earning them the chance to win more money on finale night.

No news about a possible Beyond the Edge Season 2 has been released, but there are hopes that the show could be brought back for Spring 2023 as a show to follow up Survivor 44 on the CBS schedule.

Who won Beyond the Edge Season 1?

Reality TV star Colton Underwood is the Beyond the Edge winner. Colton and Mike Singletary emerged as the winners on finale night, beating out the team of Ray Lewis and Craig Morgan.

For the season, Colton earned his charity $224,500 in prize money, which includes the bonus he got for winning the final challenge. As his teammate, Mike made an additional $50,000 for his charity, raising his total to $103,666 over the 10 episodes.

New seasons of Survivor on the way

A new season of Survivor is already filming in Fiji, and the Survivor 43 cast list has been leaked. It is another brand new group of people playing the game, all of whom are hoping to become the $1 million winner.

This production is to create episodes that will air in Fall 2022 on CBS. The expectation is that the Survivor 43 season premiere will arrive in late September, giving fans of the show a new group of castaways to cheer on.

The additional good news is that Survivor 44 has also been ordered, and the filming of that season is expected to take place right after the conclusion of Survivor 43.

But also don’t forget to tune in for the Survivor 42 season finale, which airs on Wednesday, May 25 in a three-hour event.

While we wait on possible news of Beyond the Edge Season 2 taking place, fans can go back and watch previous episodes from Season 1. They are all available on Paramount+, which is also where past seasons of The Amazing Race, Big Brother, and Survivor can also be viewed.

Beyond the Edge Season 1 can be streamed on Paramount+.

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