Better Bedder on Shark Tank: Here’s what makes these sheet fasteners special and where you can buy them

Shark Tank investor Barbara Corcoran with her sample Better Bedder sheet.
Shark Tank investor Barbara Corcoran with her sample Better Bedder sheet. Pic credit: ABC

On tonight’s episode of Shark Tank, the team behind Better Bedder gave the Sharks their pitch for a long-term solution to the tiring chore of bed making.

Bed making is made easier with this Shark Tank pitch

The Better Bedder is an elastic “headband” that wraps around the bottom of your mattress.

This product is especially helpful to people with large, heavy mattresses. The struggle of having to constantly lift the corners of your mattress in order to make your bed can be exhausting.

But with the Better Bedder, all you would have to do it easily tuck the sheets into the sides of the headband.

Basically, this product makes it possible to make your bed in just seconds!

The Better Bedder’s corners are made out of spandex, and it has a thick elastic band across the top.

Not only does it make your bed look tidier, but the Bedder also keeps your sheets in place. Once they are tucked into the corners of the Better Bedder, no amount of kicking can tug the sheets out.

“You put it on once, and it becomes a part of your mattress for the lifetime of the mattress,” said a Better Bedder spokesman.

It works best if your mattress is taller than 7 inches.

The team behind Better Bedder

The ladies who collaborated to create the Better Bedder are Judy Schott and Nita Gassen.

According to the Better Business Bureau, the two started Better Bedder in April of 2018.

The idea for their invention came from the laziness of their children, who drove their mothers mad when they refused to tidy their beds.

Schott and Gassen told their story on their website: “What started as a mission to find a way to make it easier to make bunk beds turned out to be the biggest adventure of our lives.”

Since they have begun mass-marketing their company and product, Schott and Gassen have always dreamed of going on their favorite show, Shark Tank.

“We were pinching ourselves the whole time we were on the set,” they wrote in their Instagram post.

Where can you buy Better Bedder?

Better Bedder on Shark Tank.

The best place to purchase a Better Bedder is directly from the company website.

Prices for the Best Value Better Bedder start at $49 for a twin-sized mattress, and max out at $69 for a California king.

You can also upgrade your Better Bedder experience by spending a little bit more money to add padding and lining. This adds about $10 to the total.

If you have a bed that has special dimensions that don’t fit most normal sheets, you can buy a custom Better Bedder. That way, as long as they tuck into the side pockets, any type of sheet can fit snugly on your bed.

These custom orders start at $109.

The Better Bedder has previously been sold on Amazon, but it is now unavailable.

Better Bedders have been sold in every state in America.

Customer reviews rave Better Bedder experience

The Better Bedder Instagram (@betterbedder), receives many comments from customers sharing their positive experiences with the product.

Pic credit: Instagram / @jsomom

On the reviews page for the Better Bedder, one customer wrote: “We love the Better Bedder!! No more wrinkled fitted sheet; bed is easier to make. Most of all we sleep better!”

After the pitches in the last couple of Shark Tank’s episodes, including Jax Sheets and Souper Cubes, it will be interesting to see what other home-goods products will be featured on the show. Will the sharks take the bait?

Shark Tank airs Fridays at 8/7c on ABC.

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