Bennett Jordan stans Tayshia Adams and Dale Moss amid dating rumors

Bennett Jordan
Bennett Jordan’s latest hashtag grabbed fans’ attention. Pic credit: @bennettandrewjordan/Instagram

Tayshia Adams and Dale Moss have been fueling dating rumors lately, with many shipping them. 

It appears Tayshia and Dale’s fellow The Bachelorette Season 16 costar Bennett Jordan is also among those rooting for Tayshia and Dale. 

Bennett’s recent hashtag caught fans’ eye as he appears to stan Tayshia and Dale. 

Bennett Jordan writes curious hashtag about Tayshia Adams and Dale Moss 

Bennett Jordan took to Instagram to share photos in front of a beautiful sunset with his The Bachelorette Season 16 costar and Bachelor Nation fan-favorite Dr. Joe Park. 

In the caption, Bennett wrote, “@josephparkmd appreciation post: I think you take a better portrait mode than I take a selfie, but then again, you make a better photo (and do most things better than me) any day of the week ??Great to see you, brother.”

Joe commented under the post, writing, “Haha the iPhone 13 is the real hero here.” 

Bennett responded, “oh puhlease – Classic Joe, always so modest, trying to credit someone else!” 

Bennett Jordan comment section
Pic credit: @bennettandrewjordan/Instagram

While Bennett’s caption was focused on praising Dr. Joe, his hashtags also caught attention. 

Bennett’s hashtags on the post included, “#themostlegitbachelorstanding, #preach, #daleandtayshiastans, #bigfacts.” 

Many noticed Bennett’s hashtag about him and Joe presumably being “Dale and Tayshia stans” and flocked to the comments to react. 

Bachelor Nation questions Bennett’s ‘Dale and Tayshia’ hashtag 

One The Bachelor fan page commented, “What is this hashtag??”

Bennett replied, “oh like you heard it here first.” 

Another commented, “Wait a minute…” with some intrigued emojis and Bennet responded, “if it’s on the internet…” 

A fan commented, “not dale and tasyhia stans,” and Bennett replied with a skull and laughing emoji.

Bennett Jordan comment section
Pic credit: @bennettandrewjordan/Instagram

One fan suggested Bennett was messy and wrote, “Bennett being messy on a Friday” with laughing emojis.

Bennett denounced the claim, writing, “messy?! Never.” 

Finally, a fan asked, “Dale and Tayshia? Did I miss something?”

Bennett played coy by just replying with the side-eye emoji. 

Bennett Jordan comment section
Pic credit: @bennettandrewjordan/Instagram

Tayshia and Dale have been spotted at the same events a couple of times, and many in Bachelor Nation think they would make an attractive couple. 

However, the two have yet to confirm whether their relationship is anything more than platonic. 

Bennett knows both Dale and Tayshia from The Bachelorette Season 16, but Dale and Tayshia never crossed paths despite being on the same season. 

Bennett’s hashtag and ominous commentary on Dale and Tayshia could indicate he knows something the public doesn’t, but time will tell if Tayshia and Dale’s relationship has officially turned romantic. 

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11, on ABC. 

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