Ben Willoughby addresses Below Deck Season 11 behavior

Ben Willougby on Below Deck Season 11
Ben has a message for the haters. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck star Ben Willougby has addressed his behavior after enduring some backlash since Season 11 got underway.

The lead deckhand has some harsh criticism from Below Deck fans based on his actions with the ladies and toward Bosun Jared Woodin.

Ben was certainly disappointed that he didn’t come back as bosun following his stint on Season 10 of the hit yachting show.

Jared definitely has some management issues this season and hasn’t found his footing as a leader at all.

The other day, Ben used Instagram Stories to try and explain some of his actions this season.

In a video, not only does Ben address his frustration with Jared, but he also has some words about some of the female crew members.

Ben Willougby addresses Below Deck Season 11 backlash

“Season 11 was not my favorite season. I didn’t really enjoy myself,” Ben kicked off his message after expressing that he hopes Below Deck fans are enjoying the show.

Ben admitted it was difficult for him to bite his tongue in situations with Jared, especially when it seemed like Jared was “dragging the team down.” It was hard for Ben to deal with, making the experience not great.

The lead deckhand shared that despite what was going on with Jared, Ben did his best to try and help teach green deckhands Sunny Marquis and Kyle Stillie.

“The stuff that’s sort of Jared should have been doing being in that leadership position,” he expressed, reiterating his frustration with the bosun.

Adding more fuel to the fire of why Ben isn’t a fan of his time on Below Deck Season 11 has to do with the girls, whom he didn’t mention by name.

“I tell you what, every girl was so judgmental this season,” Ben stated, sharing a lot of judgments about his history with Camille Lamb and Leigh Ann Smith were made.

“It was just an instant sort of judging situation, and I was like, ‘Hey, why don’t you guys just come and ask me what my situation is.'”

Ben Willoughby IG Stories
Ben opens up about Below Deck Season 11. Pic credit: @wanderingwilloughby/Instagram

There’s plenty more Below Deck Season 11 to play out, giving fans a chance to change their mind about Ben.

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Are you a Ben fan this season?

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo. Seasons 1-11 are streaming on Peacock.

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