Below Deck: Barbie Pascual opens up about drama with Fraser Olender: ‘It was complicated’

Barbie Pascual on Below Deck Season 11
Barbie gets real about working with Fraser. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Season 11 star Barbie Pascual hasn’t had the easiest relationship with Chief Stew Fraser Olender.

In fact, Fraser went to Captain Kerry Titheradge during the second charter in hopes of getting Barbie and her attitude fired.

That did not happen, and instead, the captain told Fraser to make it work because Barbie’s actually good at her job, unlike, say, Cat Baugh.

Below Deck spoilers reveal that Fraser and Barbie have a reset during a crew night out, but things don’t stay honky dory for very long.

This week, Barbie has been speaking about her time on Below Deck and addressing her attitude and clashing with Fraser.

As Monsters and Critics reported, Barbie owned up to her attitude and admitted needing to be checked.

Now she’s weighing in on Fraser running to Captain Kerry to get her fired.

Barbie Pascual opens up about Fraser Olender drama on Below Deck

Speaking with Us Weekly, Barbie got real about her time on the hit-yachting show. There’s no denying that her working relationship with Fraser was less than ideal, with many ups and downs.

Barbie knew Fraser wanted her to be fired. It was no secret that she would have been gone if he had his way.

“We had talked about it. We spoke. I told him, ‘OK, I’m not happy, but I’ll work on my attitude.’ Like we had a conversation, and from there, from when he spoke to Kerry, he gave me no time to show him,” she expressed. “He wanted me out.”

The stew believes the reason she and Fraser butted heads was nothing more than him seeing just how good she was at her job.

Barbie also feels that subconsciously, Fraser was a little bit threatened by her, adding to their tension. After all, she was really his only competition in the interior department.

They are a lot alike too, which didn’t help the working dynamic either.

Below Deck star Barbie Pascual teases more chaos with Fraser Olender on Season 11

There’s no question that Captain Kerry saved Barbie from being fired, and she will forever be grateful to him. Barbie has repeatedly stated how good she is at her job, and we have to agree, bad attitude aside, she’s a good stew.

However, that doesn’t seem to change her dynamic with Fraser at all for the rest of the season. Below Deck fans shouldn’t expect them to find a rhythm or create a good working relationship.

“Ins and outs. We will see but it was a, it was complicated,” the stew dished.

Barbie Pascual has made her mark on Below Deck mostly because of her attitude and Fraser Olender wanting her good.

We know that Below Deck undergoes several crew changes this season but it remains to be seen if Barbie is impacted by that or not.

What do you think of Barbie?

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo. Seasons 1-11 are streaming on Peacock.

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