Below Deck fans drag charter guests ‘wretched’ Tina and ‘low class’ Eileen

Below Deck Season 11 charter guests Tina and Eileen
Below Deck fans are sounding off on the latest Season 11 charter guests. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck fans are dragging Season 11 charter guests Tina and Eileen for their behavior on the hit yachting show.

Tina’s the primary on the latest Below Deck charter, while Eileen is the wife of Tina’s business partner.

The group made quite an impression, and not in a good way, on Below Deck viewers during the most recent episode.

From breaking the shower to Barbie Pascaul being asked to set a plate down more quietly, these guests are some of the worst ever on the franchise.

However, it was Tina, with her attitude and Eileen, with her obnoxious and rude behavior, including basically calling Bosun Jared Woodin dumb, that had Below Deck fans outraged.

X (formerly Twitter) was on fire, with Below Deck viewers blasting the charter guests.

Below Deck fans drag charter guests’ wretched’ Tina and ‘low class’ Eileen

“The guests in this episode are really not nice! Eileen, Tina… the pure definition of money not buying class or really bad childhood trauma – not sure which. Some intervention is needed stat! #BelowDeck” read one X.

Another X user declared the group, especially Tina, gave Americans a bad name while also having hope the group is ashamed after watching their behavior on the show.

“Come on Eileen. Your low class is showing. Worst guest ever!  I had to rewind and watch a couple of times because karma smacked this rude b*tch in the kisser. 🤣 I hope she’s got a black eye. 🤡,” said an X.

A different X user suggested that an intervention for Eileen was in order.

“Tina a ‘luxury property manage’ from Iowa? What a wretched woman #BelowDeck,” wrote one X user.

Drunk Eileen falling was mentioned a couple of times, too, and let’s just say it was a laugh-out-loud moment for some Below Deck fans.

One X user even watched the footage multiple times because it was so entertaining.

More Below Deck fans sound off on ‘horrible’ charter guests

It wasn’t all about Tina and Eileen. Below Deck fans had plenty to say about the entire group of guests.

There was an X user who had nothing but hate for the latest group of guests to board the St. David.

“These guests are horrible. #BelowDeck” read an X that included a shot of the broken shower glass.

A different X wondered if the group was even “embarrassed” by their behavior.

Barbie was given a shoutout for how she helped get an extremely drunk Eileen safely to her room after she fell near the hot tub.

“These charter guests are probably in my top 5 least favorite. Not only for how unbelievably f***ing rude they are but also not fun at all,” said an X.

Wowza so many thoughts on the latest Below Deck charter guests, and viewers still have another episode of them.

Be sure to tune in to find out just how much worse the group gets before their charter is over.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo. Seasons 1-7 are streaming on Peacock.

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2 months ago

On another site a commenter described the men as “interchangeable barrels”!

Mike b.
Mike b.
2 months ago

haha how about cutting off the crew.