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Ben Higgins slams Dale Moss over Clare Crawley breakup: Blindsiding her was ‘so wrong’

Ben Higgins Clare Crawley Dale Moss
 Ben Higgins says Dale Moss’s way of handling the breakup was not good. Pic credit: ABC

The Bachelor star Ben Higgins is breaking his silence about what is going on in Bachelor Nation.

One of the hottest topics right now is Clare Crawley and the sudden split from Dale Moss.

All of this happened in January, causing Bachelor Nation to scratch its head as Clare had convinced everyone that this was true love and the two were meant to be.

But for Dale – it wasn’t so.

Now, Ben is chiming in with his thoughts, saying that the way Dale has handled everything is simply not cool.

Ben Higgins doesn’t think the breakup was cool

Ben spoke to Access recently, revealing that he was not pleased to hear that Clare found out about the breakup and their supposed joined statement online.

“That she found out they were parting ways when everybody else did, I think that’s completely inappropriate on his part. I think it’s so wrong that that’s the way this went down,” Ben revealed, shading the way Dale handled everything.

Because of the urgency behind the post, it seemed like Dale made a decision to end things and immediately went online to let the world know that they were no longer together.

But Ben pointed out that he doesn’t know what was going on behind the scenes.

“I don’t know the behind-the-scenes and why they split, but there’s nothing that could bring it up to a place where she would be blindsided publicly and have to respond publicly without knowing where they stood,” he explained.

Ben himself has been in a situation, where he has ended a relationship that resulted from time on The Bachelor. He broke up with Lauren Bushnell after trying to make it work outside of the franchise.

And he had some valuable advice to share with Clare.

“I would say, it’s gonna hurt. You’re gonna be reminded a lot and then life starts to move on and then you start to heal. Breakups are unique because you can grow from them. … I would just say take some time to reflect,” Ben explained.

You can see the whole interview here.

Ben Higgins appears to have followed the split in the news

Like everyone else in Bachelor Nation, Ben has followed Clare and Dale’s relationship in the spotlight.

He saw how Clare thought she had found her husband in Dale. He saw how they bonded on the show over their parents’ journies to finding love together.

We all watched how they flirted online and how they goofed around on Instagram together. And then suddenly, things were over.

Clare revealed she was blindsided by his statement, revealing that she had no idea Dale would end their relationship with such a statement. It didn’t take long for her to unfollow him on Instagram.

Within days, Dale was being accused of cheating on Clare with a mystery woman. She has since denied an affair.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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