Below Deck Season 9 reunion teaser: Andy Cohen puts Fraser Olender in the hot seat

Bravo gives Below Deck fans a glimpse at Season 9 reunion show.
The Below Deck reunion is almost here and Andy Cohen is back as host. Pic credit: Bravo

A Below Deck Season 9 reunion teaser featured host Andy Cohen putting stew Fraser Olender in the hot seat.

The My Seanna crew gathered virtually to unpack the good, the bad, and the ugly of Season 9. Captain Lee Rosbach, chef Rachel Hargrove, first-officer Eddie Lucas, chief stew Heather Chase, Rayna Lindsey, Wes O’Dell, and Fraser were at the reunion show.

Jake Foulger was the only crew member missing, but his absence should not be surprising. The lead-deckhand announced he would not be there a couple of weeks ago.

After a controversial season, Below Deck fans are anxiously waiting to see if the hot topics will be addressed at the reunion show. Thanks to Bravo, a little glimpse of what Andy gets into with the Season 9 cast has been given to Below Deck fans.

Andy Cohen puts Fraser Olender in the hot seat in Below Deck Season 9 reunion teaser

The network has yet to release an official trailer for the Below Deck Season 9 reunion. Instead, the official Instagram account for Below Deck, @belowdeckbravo, released a clip from the virtual chat.

One hot topic in Season 9 was the sexual interaction between Jake and Fraser. They had more than one intense make-out session. Fraser weighed in on their steamy van kiss right after it hit Bravo airwaves.

Now it seems Andy wants Fraser to spill more tea on his sexual interludes with Jake. A fan question prompted Andy to ask if Fraser had any regrets about what went down with Jake or if he would do it again.

“I’d do it all over again. We had an amazing season. Jake and I are friends, as I have specified on several occasions. But no, it’s all fun and games. I don’t regret anything,” Fraser replied.

Did Fraser and Jake from Below Deck ever hook up?

Fraser has no regrets, but he also isn’t totally spilling the tea on what went down between himself and Jake. Andy shared that a lot of Below Deck viewers asked if Jake and Fraser ever hooked up.

“Oh, that’s good,” Fraser stated before taking a drink of wine.

The rest of the My Seanna crew chuckled at Fraser’s reaction to the question. Yes, there will be at least a few entertaining moments during the Below Deck Season 9 reunion show.

Plenty of drama is sure to erupt at the virtual chat, too, like Rayna attacking Wes on the final crew night out. The tension between Heather and Rayna regarding the chief stew using a racial slur will also cause drama.

Do you think the Season 9 reunion will be good or a snoozefest?

Below Deck Season 9 reunion airs on Monday, February 7 at 8/7 on Bravo.

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