Below Deck: Jake Foulger shares mental health update, reveals he missed Season 9 reunion

Jake Foulger from Below Deck Season 9 was not at reunion show.
Jake continues to be brutally honest regarding his mental health struggles. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck’s, Jake Fougler has shared a mental health update that revealed he missed the Season 9 reunion show.

Jake has made a lasting impression during his Below Deck Season 9 stint. He has become known for his on-screen hookups with Fraser Olender and Rayna Lindsey.

The lead-deckhand’s need to get naked has been one hot topic during Season 9 too. Captain Lee Rosbach even addressed Jake’s nude behavior in his weekly blog.

While his on-screen antics have been earning Jake attention, he’s been dealing with some serious mental health issues off-screen. Jake first opened up about his struggles in an Instagram Q&A session earlier this month.

Now the Bravo personality is shedding more light on what he’s going through and if Below Deck made his issues worse.

Jake Foulger has revealed he missed Below Deck Season 9 reunion

The My Seanna crew has a lot to hash out at the Season 9 reunion show. However, one vital crew member won’t be in attendance.

Jake has revealed he missed the Below Deck Season 9 reunion. In a new Q&A session via Instagram Stories, dropped the bombshell when one user asked if he had news about the cast get-together.

“I’m not in the reunion, unfortunately,” Jake wrote.

When pressed about why he didn’t attend the reunion, Jake had a typical witty response, “I broke my brain.”

Jake from Below Deck missed the Season 9 reunion.
Pic credit: @jakefoulger1/Instagram

Jake shared that Below Deck did not mess with his mental health. The deckhand revealed he had stuff going on before and after filming the show.

When one user asked Jake if he would return to Below Deck next season, he clarified that it was not an option. Jake isn’t opposed to doing it again but needs to work on himself first.

Jake talks Below Deck impact on mental health.
Pic credit: @jakefoulger1/Instagram

Jake from Below Deck shares mental health update

After answering questions about Below Deck, Jake shared an update on his mental health. Jake has been struggling and didn’t hold back, letting his followers know it’s a challenging time for him.

“I’ve been struggling a bit and have been getting a lot of help,” Jake wrote. “I’m really trying to help myself and fight my demons, but easier said than done, but yesterday I took the biggest step I have had to take on this journey. I really don’t mind sharing and being vulnerable, and I think more men should share and not be afraid to get help, so we stop killing ourselves. There is always a way, and I want people to feel like they can come to me when they have a problem.”

Although Jake didn’t go into details, he admitted to being in therapy for a few things and for a few months.

Jake opens up about mental health.
Pic credit: @jakefoulger1/Instagram

Jake Foulger won’t be at the Below Deck Season 9 reunion show. The lead deckhand didn’t give a specific reason for his absence, but he did open up about his mental health struggles. He will continue to tell his story in the hopes of helping others.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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