Below Deck Season 8 cast reacts to Rachel Hargrove’s shocking outburst and exit from Bravo show

Rachel Hargrove's rage and anger before quiiting left the Below Deck cast in shock.
The My Seanna crew had a lot of thoughts on Rachel’s downfall and exit on Below Deck. Pic credit: Bravo

The Below Deck Season 8 cast has shared their reaction to Rachel Hargrove’s shocking outburst and exit from the Bravo show.

Viewers watched in awe as Rachel had a meltdown after hearing an absurd guest preference sheet. The meeting featuring the chef, Captain Lee Rosbach, bosun Eddie Lucas and chief stew Francesca Rubi took a turn no one saw coming.

Rachel rattled off obscenities, even at Captain Lee, and eventually declared she wanted a plane ticket home. The episode ended with Rachel leaving the My Seanna crew without a chef hours before charter guests were boarding the yacht.

Awkward uncomfortable and oh so disrespectful

Captain Lee used his blog to blast Rachel for her behavior. The chef has also spoken out to share the real reason she abruptly left Below Deck.

Thanks to the Below Deck After Show, Captain Lee and the rest of the crew were forced to revisit Rachel’s dramatic exit.

“I mean, we had a charter the next day. I didn’t want to see her leaving or getting fired right then and there. I was just kind of just so shocked by her complete disrespect and how vulgar she was being in front of Captain Lee,” Eddie said. “I know, cap, he don’t take no s**t. It was really uncomfortable, kind of one of those tense moments, like what’s about to happen?”

The captain shared he thought he held his composure quite well. Captain Lee also spilled he simply wanted to get out of the meeting and move on from the situation regardless of the outcome.

Eddie and Captain Lee did agree the language Rachel used made them both uncomfortable. Francesca believes Rachel was pushed to her limit because of the preference sheet causing her to meltdown.

Izzy Wouters missed Rachel’s rant, but boy does the deckhand wish she was a fly on the wall for that meeting.

Finding the laughter amid disaster

Despite all the drama surrounding them, Captain Lee and Eddie managed to find humor in one moment involving Rachel’s sudden departure. Eddie struggling to get Rachel’s massive suitcase off the yacht.

“He’s trying to drag it up the stairs, and I can’t help it. I’m rolling on the f**king floor. I’m laughing so hard. I’ve got tears running down my face,” Captain Lee expressed during the After Show.


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Izzy and Eddie joked that the chef had a body in the bag. They both agreed it was pretty funny watching Eddie finagle the suitcase giving the group some much-needed laughter.

There is no question Rachel Hargrove quitting Below Deck in a rage left the crew in shock. Captain Lee Rosbach reassured fans the Season 8 crew forges ahead despite the crazy circumstances.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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