Below Deck: James Hough will never forgive Francesca Rubi for sarcastic laundry remark

James Hough responds to Francesca Rubi's sarcasm on Below Deck
James has made it clear he is not a Francesca fan. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck’s, James Hough will never forgive Francesca Rubi for a sarcastic laundry remark she made on a recent episode of the Bravo show.

After Shane Coopersmith was fired, but before chef Rachel Hargrove quit, the crew was getting the yacht ready for the next group of guests. There was an exchange during this time that left James salty at Francesca.

James had a bag of laundry and asked the chief stew where she wanted it. Francesca replied, “the fridge.” Then the two little spat because of her comment.

The Below Deck After Show featured both of them discussing the incident with two very different perspectives.

James shocked by the chief stew

The deckhand declared that Francesca went off on him for no reason. James did acknowledge he thought the chief stew as having a bad day, which was true. She did want to fire Elizabeth Frankini, but Captain Lee Rosbach shot her down because of timing.

James has held a grudge against Francesca ever since the laundry moment. Oh yes, her bad day wasn’t a good enough excuse for him.

“Even to this day, I hold a grudge. I am not going to lie,” the deckhand expressed.

In his defense, James said the laundry room was super skinny and tiny. He wasn’t sure if Francesca wanted all the laundry dumped in the small space.

James does understand that the chief stew was busy. However, that doesn’t mean he forgives her.

“She was busy doing yacht stuff,” he said. “So, I understand where she was coming from. Do I forgive her? No, never.”

Francesca doesn’t regret the comment

On the After Show, Francesca admitted she answered sarcastically, and she stands by her comment.

Because the yacht was small, there weren’t a lot of options of where the laundry should go other than the obvious. Francesca and stew Ashling Lorger even joked about the laundry room being the place where clothes are cleaned.

Since the crew literally has someone cooking, cleaning, and doing laundry for the crew area, Francesca thinks James was simply not thinking.

“He was not just like thinking for himself. He was like someone else will do this for me or someone else will take care of that,” Francesca expressed.

The chief stew remains baffled at James Hough’s request about laundry. To this day, James holds a grudge against Francesca Rubi for the way she answered his question.

So, whose side are you on? Was James right to ask, or was Francesca right that it was a stupid question?

Below Deck airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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