Below Deck Season 10 sneak peek: Camille lashes out at crew after Captain Sandy fires her

Camille Lamb Below Deck Season 10
The fallout of Camille’s firing takes place on the next Below Deck. Pic credit: Bravo

A sneak peek at Below Deck Season 10 Episode 9 reveals that Camille Lamb does not take being fired by Captain Sandy Yawn well at all.

The most recent episode ended with Camille learning that Captain Sandy was letting her go that day.

Bravo has released the first few minutes of the next episode, which picks up with Camille getting the boot.

Camille’s shock quickly turns to anger, and she doesn’t hide her true feelings about the situation.

Attitude spews from Camille as she tells Captain Sandy it was nice knowing her before adding, “This right here is debauchery,” as she walks away to pack.

That’s just the beginning of Camille expressing her frustration over being fired.

Camille Lamb lashes out at Rachel Hargrove, Fraser Olender, and Ross McHarg

Making her way back to the crew area, Camille makes it clear she’s angry. In a confessional, Camille declares she didn’t deserve to be fired, even referring to it as “bulls**t.”

The first person who encounters Camille’s wrath is chef Rachel Hargrove because Captain Sandy said all the department heads were unhappy with Camille’s work performance.

Rachel doesn’t hold back telling Camille, who sarcastically responds, her issues with the now-fired stew. The chef dismisses Camille after about two seconds of dealing with the attitude.

Next up, chief stew Fraser Olender tries to comfort and talk to Camille, but things go south quickly when her attitude’s once again brought up. Rolling her eyes and with sarcasm in her voice, Camille blasts, “I hope you guys get a superstar stew,” and walks away.

After informing the deck team she was fired, Camille calls out bosun Ross McHarg, who does not engage with her. Instead, Ross walks away to avoid the confrontation.

Below Deck’s Camille Lamb gets sympathy from Ben Willoughby

Camille’s boatmance buddy, deckhand Ben Willoughby, goes with her to help her pack and listen as she complains.

They discuss how they will miss each other, prompting Ben to admit he wants to go on a date with her. Unfortunately for Ben, their time together is short-lived as Ross calls him back to work.

Things get even more intense when Captain Sandy has to call Camille’s bunkmate Katie Glaser down to help the fired stew pack. Captain Sandy has a charter guest coming and needs Camille off the boat ASAP.

A goodbye kiss on the dock with Ben and one last confessional of Camille giving off attitude end the video clip, leaving Below Deck viewers to wonder who will replace her and how Ben will deal with losing his boatmance.

Camille Lamb has been fired from Below Deck, and while that’s playing out onscreen, she has used social media to call out the narrative surrounding her story. She claims there’s more to the story and that she was set up.

Below Deck airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo. Seasons 1-9 are streaming on Peacock.

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