Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans sound off on Gary King making out with Season 3 interior crew

Gary King from Below Deck Sailing Yacht has fans buzzing over his romantic hookups.
Gary continues to make the rounds regarding the female crew members on Parsifal III. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans have sounded off on Gary King making out with the entire Season 3 interior crew.

Gary made quite a mess of things during Below Deck Season 2 with his love triangle involving Alli Dore and Sydney Zaruba. The Season 3 trailer featured Gary declaring he had turned over a new leaf.

As it turns out, that was not quite the case. Gary has been messier than ever on Season 3 after literally kissing Ashley Marti on night one. Then he moved on to drunk Daisy Kelliher in the hot tub following Erica Rose’s horrible charter.

On the most recent episode of the sailing show, Ashley once again pursued Gary. The move angered Tom Pearson, with who Ashley had sex the previous crew night out.

Ashley chased Gary only to have Gabriela Barragan jump into bed next to Gary right in front of her. Then Gabriela and Gary had a little sleepover that included some serious making out.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans sound off on Gary King making out with interior crew

Twitter was erupting with opinions as Gary kissed Gabriela, discussing his making the rounds with the interior crew.

Twitter explodes over Gary kissing interior crew.
Pic credit: @HayuBravHOes/Twitter and @Bravolunkie77/Twitter

One fan even gave him props for breaking a record of crew members kissed in one season.

Another user joked about what a hot mess it was. Gary literally kissed every single woman in one department.

The fact that Ashley got dissed for Gabriela also made Twitter laugh.

A different user suggested Gary and Daisy should “drunkenly mess around” for the rest of the season.

Oh yes, social media has thoughts on Gary kissing all three stews, and that’s not all Twitter was buzzing about.

Below Deck fans don’t see the Gary appeal

There’s no question Gary’s become quite the man whore during his two stints on Below Deck Sailing Yacht. So far, his Season 3 actions are putting his Season 2 behavior to shame.

However, Twitter doesn’t get the appeal of Gary, and it’s nothing personal against the yachtie.

BDS Twitter confused over Gary appeal.
Pic credit: @ISaid What_/Twitter and @LovelaceLady621/Twitter and @BprtBullsFan/Twitter

One user used a picture of Joey from Friends to help clarify the confusion on how Gary gets so many women.

Another simply admitted to being confused by Gary’s effect on women.

Gary King on Below Deck Sailing Yacht has made a lasting impression on fans.

When it comes to work the first mate gets mad props. Captain Glenn Shephard gave him a shout-out for how he handled the anchor dragging incident.

It’s just Gary’s personal antics that get him in trouble, which is probably why he was asked back. Whether you like him or not, Gary makes for good entertainment, that’s for sure.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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