Below Deck Sailing Yacht: Colin MacRae reveals what happened when he reached out to Jean-Luc Cerza-Lanaux

Colin from Below Deck Sailing Yacht got ghosted by Jean-Luc when trying to make amends.
Colin tried to squash the beef with Jean-Luc following the Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 2 drama. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Sailing Yacht star Colin MacRae has revealed what happened when he reached out to Jean-Luc Cerza-Lanaux after their social media feud.

Jean-Luc didn’t bond with the Season 2 crew members on the hit sailing show. After his boatmance with Dani Soares went south, things got worse between the deckhand and his costars.

When Dani got pregnant, and Jean-Luc didn’t step up, Colin had harsh words for him. Jean-Luc used social media to explain his side of the story, which led to Colin slamming Jean-Luc further and protecting Dani.

Last month Jean-Luc confirmed he was the father of Dani’s daughter, Lilly, who’s almost nine months old. Dani thanked her Below Deck Sailing Yacht friends for standing by her after Jean-Luc shared his news on social media.

Colin has always had Dani’s back, but now he’s revealed he did try to make peace with Jean-Luc.

What happened when Below Deck Sailing Yachtt’s Colin MacRae reached out to Jean-Luc Cerza-Lanaux?

As the premiere of Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 nears, Colin spoke to Bravo Insider about some hot topics from Season 2. One question Colin was asked was if he had spoken to Jean-Luc since the show ended.

“I’ve reached out to Jean-Luc a couple of times. He was in Panama City when I was. I could actually see the boat that he was working on. And I said, ‘Do you want to meet up?’ You know, because there was a bit of tension online about the whole him and Dani thing. And he didn’t message me back.”

Jean-Luc ghosted Colin, and the two haven’t talked in months. Prior to Colin reaching out to Jean-Luc, their only communication was via social media, which didn’t go too well.

Gary King and Daisy Kelliher, who are also back for Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3, haven’t talked to Jean-Luc either. Daisy has no desire to speak to the deckhand. Captain Glenn Shephard has texted Jean-Luc a couple of times but not recently.

Has Colin from Below Deck Sailing Yacht met Dani’s baby?

While speaking with Bravo Insider, Colin also opened up about whether he had met Dani’s daughter Lily. 

“No, but me and Dani talk all the time. She’s sent me videos and photos of the baby. Um yeah, I am happy for her,” Colin expressed.

Along with dishing about Season 2 topics, Colin, Daisy, and Gary recently got together to tease what Below Deck Sailing Yacht fans can expect from Season 3. It may be surprising, but they all agree the upcoming season’s even crazier than the last.

Colin MacRae tried to squash the beef between him and Jean-Luc Cerza-Lanaux. However, things didn’t go as the first-mate planned, and Colin got ghosted.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht Season 3 premieres on Monday, February 21 at 8/7c on Bravo.

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