Below Deck producers reveal three jaw-dropping moments of the series

Below Deck producer share shocking moments.
There are so many jaw-dropping moments that Below Deck producers had a hard time choosing three. Pic credit: Bravo

There have been seven seasons of Below Deck with over 100 episodes airing. Below Deck executive producers, Mark Cronin and Courtland Cox, are revealing some of the most jaw-dropping moments of the series.

Fans of the hit Bravo show know there is plenty of shocking and dramatic moments for producers to choose.

The last season alone gave viewers some of the most WTF moments of the series, and that doesn’t include what didn’t air on television.

Along with sharing what fans get wrong about the show, Mark and Courtland are revealing the times that Below Deck made their jaws drop.

Yes, it was hard for them to pick three out of the million things that have shocked them over the years.

Season 6 Ashton Pienaar goes overboard

There is no question Ashton Pienaar going overboard during Season 6 was the scariest moment in the series.

Courtland said producers initially had no idea what was going on because they were in the control room.

“As a producer, I’m in the control room watching, and I can only see what the cameras are shooting. So, I see that moment. I see the rope starting around Ashton’s ankle, and then I see him go in the water, and then three seconds later, I see a camera being set down on the deck of the boat. And, as a producer, I’m yelling at my camera operators. I’m saying, ‘Why are we not shooting? What’s happening? And it’s not until well after the fact that I realize that our camera operator had set his camera down to untie the line to let Ashton free from the rope that he’s entangled in,” Courtland shared with The Daily Dish.

Season 1 Kat Held snuck off the yacht

Season 1 featured Kat Held defying an order by Captain Lee Rosbach not to go out, and to stay on the boat. The captain watched her sneak off the yacht via the security cameras.

It made the producers list because it was so entertaining.

“That’s one of those moments where it’s like. It’s so perfect the way that it happens as Lee’s watching it and laughing at Kat walking off the boat. You couldn’t script that any better than what actually happened in that real moment. As a producer, watching those things really happen on the boat, those are the things that, in the midst of a crazy production when you’re tired, you see those moments, and you’re like, that is completely amazing and magical,” Courtland expressed.

Season 7 Kevin Dobson penis cake

It might seem shocking that of all the WTF moments during Season 7, chef Kevin Dobson’s penis cake made the list.

The reaction from the guests, minus the primary Jemele Hill because she already went to bed, was priceless.

Granted, Kevin was following orders by creating the penis cake Jemele wanted. However, chief stew Kate Chastain purposely let him deliver the penis cake knowing the primary went to bed.

“Kevin is terrified by the reaction to that. He falls into a depression. You cannot write those moments,” Mark admitted.

The producers revealed there are about five or six moments each season that keep life interesting for those working on Below Deck.

Those moments are also not necessarily the same ones fans would choose.

Below Deck will return for Season 8 in fall 2020 on Bravo.

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