Below Deck Med spoilers: Iain’s leadership called out, Chef Jono under fire, and Joe in demand

Iain Maclean on Below Deck Med Season 9
Iain’s deck team isn’t too happy with him on Below Deck Med. Pic credit; Bravo

Below Deck Med Season 9 has been coming in hot since the premiere episode, and things are only getting crazier on the hit yachting show.

We know what’s coming up on Below Deck Med thanks to a new preview video from Bravo.

The deck team has no faith in Iain Maclean, and this situation gets worse because a charter guest disaster is looming.

Speaking of return charter guest Gigi Fernandez, her complaining about Chef Johnathan “Jono” Shillingford has the chef getting a lecture from Captain Sandy Yawn.

Jono doesn’t do himself any favors when explaining the cold eggs because there isn’t a good reason.

It’s easy to see the pressure is getting to Jono, but with a beach picnic looming, will he get a win, or will it be another disaster?

We know Captain Sandy sees “red flags” with the chef, so she might need to cut him loose if he doesn’t bring his A-game.

Meanwhile, there’s trouble brewing for Bosun Iain Maclean and he has no idea.

The deck team slams Iain Maclean’s leadership

In the footage, the focus seems to be on the beach picnic with Nathan Gallagher, Joe Bradley, and Gael Cameron, not showing much confidence in Iain and his management skills.

Even Chief Stew Aesha Scott isn’t sure of Iain when he blows off her suggestion to help create games for the guests. This worsens when Gael suggests the same thing and Iain doubles down on how Captain Sandy said the primary will take care of it.

Oh yes, we all know this will be a disaster, especially with Gigi and her high expectations as the charter guest.

Meanwhile, instead of helping with the beach setup, Iain dumps Joe and Gael with the supplies and a long walk to the beach. Captain Sandy told him to help set up and return to the yacht, but he seems to have misunderstood her words.

Joe doesn’t hide his dislike of Iain’s leadership style, dragging him to Gael, and we can see trouble brewing.

Back on the yacht, Iain doesn’t fare better with Nathan when a miscommunication in front of Captain Sandy leaves the deckhand furious.

Below Deck Med’s Joe Bradley has admirers

It’s no secret that Ellie Dubaich and Bri Muller are crushing on Joe. The deckhand oozes charm, with both ladies eating it up.

The footage shows Joe getting his flirt on with Ellie in the stew pantry. Ellie is all smiles as Joe compliments her eyes. Via her confessional, Ellie makes it clear she wouldn’t kick the deckhand out of bed.

This comes as Ellie and Bri are working better than ever together. However, that won’t last long as Joe also gets his flirt on with Bri in the galley, even going in to nuzzle her ear in a joking moment.

Things are heating up on Below Deck Med Season 9 with charter guest drama, clashing crew, and boatmances looming. Make sure to tune in each week to see how it all unfolds.

Below Deck Med airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo. Seasons 1-9 are streaming on Peacock.

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