Below Deck Med mid-season trailer: Angry Captain Sandy, playboy Luka, new stew drama, and Natalya returns

Luka Brunton on Below Deck Med Season 8
Luka lands in the hot seat on Below Deck Med. Pic credit: Bravo

The Below Deck Med Season 8 mid-season trailer has arrived. And it does not disappoint.

One week after Natalya Scudder bid the Musique crew goodbye, the new footage teases more about her and the person taking her position.

Below Deck Med fans have been anxiously waiting for the teaser video after last week’s episode ended on the cliffhanger of Captain Sandy Yawn losing it on Kyle Viljoen.

Not much changes as the rest of the season plays out, with Kyle stirring on the pot a lot and Captain Sandy getting heated more than once.

The captain has some words for an out-of-control charter guest as she threatens to kick him off the boat.

Luka Brunton also gets an earful from Captain Sandy for not having his deck team helping out when needed.

More interior crew drama

Natalya may be gone, but the interior crew problems are far from over. Tumi Mhlongo has her hands full with the new stew, Lily, and it gets to a breaking point.

In the video, Jessika Asai complains to Tumi that Lily isn’t doing her job and can’t be trusted to get the work done. A flip of the scene has Tumi calling Lily dead weight before she insists times up for the newbie.

Captain Sandy talks with Lily, which is basically shape up or you will be shipped out. Only a few weeks are left, and the interior could end up down a person for the rest of the season.

Kyle remains a problem despite Captain Sandy giving him a stern lecture. On a crew night out, Kyle warns Lily about Chef Jack Luby as the latter listens to the conversation.

It seems Tumi finally loses her patience with Kyle for overstepping. The chief stew blasts him for his behavior.

Boatmances galore and Luka in trouble

Meanwhile, the boatmance of Luka and Jessika heats up, as does Max Salavdoar’s fling with the new stew, Lily.

Yes, the trailer revealed that Max does ride out the rest of the season. Perhaps Lily helps persuade him to stick around.

Things with Jessika and Luka hit a snag when she finds out he’s been flirting with Below Deck Med alum Katie Flood. Captain Sandy helps rile up that situation.

Plus, when Natalya makes a surprise return, she and Luka share an intimate moment, leading Jessika to kiss Max and anger Lily.

So much crew love drama coming up on the rest of Below Deck Med Season 8.

Plenty of fun guests are coming up, as well as the ones with requests like making the crew strip and one group that crosses a line while drinking too much.

Only a few more episodes remain in the season, which means Season 8 of Below Deck Med is almost over, so be sure to tune in weekly.

Below Deck Med airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo. Seasons 1-7 are streaming on Peacock.

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