Below Deck Med: Jessica More opens up about body positivity and sexual essence

Jess More from Below Deck Mediterranean talks sexual essence and body shaming.
Jess is standing up to the body shamers who blast her for being too sexual. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean alum Jessica More has opened up about body positivity and sexual essence as she takes on body shamers.

The brunette beauty continues to speak her truth regardless of the backlash. Jess has previously shared her mental health struggles in the hopes of helping others.

Even amid a Twitter war with Below Deck Sailing Yacht’s Ciara Duggan, Jess didn’t hold back on keeping the focus on her truth.

Once again, Jess is showing her vulnerable side as she takes on the haters over sexual essence and body shamming. She is not here for people attacking the way she dresses or the photos Jessica shares on social media.

What did Jess say about body positivity and sexual essence?

Those who follow Jess on social media know her feed is covered with gorgeous photos, positive vibes, and raw moments. Recently she got candid about the conflict she feels about embracing her sexual essence because of the shame others make her feel.

“I often have conflict within myself on whether to embrace my feminine sexual essence or to hide it and feel shame.” Jess wrote.

“I often get comments like ‘all you have to offer is photos of yourself half-naked’ generally, it’s from other women. And I think that comes from them being shamed at one point and learning to project their discomfort on to other women. As well as Some guys I’ve dated who have felt discomfort as well, which also has to do with their own insecurities.”

Jess included a couple of photos of her in a swimsuit, looking stunning and serious at the same time. She then expressed why she is no longer hiding her body or her sexual essence.

“I’ve realized over time I tend to hide myself, my body, my sexual essence that I naturally exude that’s a part of me to make others feel comfortable with themselves. Every time I do that, I’m denying myself of being me, being comfortable in my own skin, embracing all of myself. Women should be able to be sensual, sexy, playful without it being demonized or shamed,” Jess ended her message.

Jess receives an outpour of love and support

The 30-year-old beauty’s words hit home with oh so many people. Jess’s post was flooded with positive vibes, love, and support for the Below Deck Mediterranean alum.

Jess gets support for body positivity.
Pic credit: @JessicaMore/Instagram
Fans support Jessica More.
Pic credit: @JessicaMore/Instagram

It was just fans that praised Jess for her honesty. Below Deck Season 8 alum Elizabeth Frankini was one of the first to show her support. Elizabeth and Jess became fast friends last winter when they were both working in Florida.

Liz and Jess show support.
Pic credit: @JessicaMore/Instagram

Jessica More from Below Deck Mediterranean is over body shaming and hiding her true self.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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Ron Robinson
Ron Robinson
2 years ago

She’s beautiful