Below Deck Med: Jason Gaskell won’t work with Storm Smith again, teases drama ahead

Jason from Below Deck Mediterranean is not a Storm fan.
Jason didn’t hold back from sharing his feelings about Below Deck Med bosun Storm. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean deckhand Jason Gaskell won’t work with Storm Smith again and has teased drama is coming for those two.

Jason has been on the back burner so far on Season 7 of Below Deck Mediterranean. The focus has been on Raygan Tyler, who was just fired.

Other than being on the wrong side of a drunk Dave White for something that was not his fault, Jason has been low-key.

It appears as the season goes on, that’s going to change.

Storm Smith was promoted to bosun once Raygan was given the boot from Captain Sandy Yawn.

That’s a move that apparently doesn’t work out too well for Jason, who made a pretty bold statement about working with Storm.

Jason Gaskell won’t work with Storm Smith again

On the recent episode of Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, Jason spoke his truth about various things on Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7.

In true Andy fashion, the host played a game with Jason that involved toenails and burning questions. One question asked Jason other than Raygan, who would he never work with again from his crew mates.

“Storm,” Jason blurted out even before Andy could get the entire question out.

It was written on a screen for them to see. When Andy was done, Jason reiterated his response.

“Storm 100%,” stated before adding, “Never on a boat with him again.”

Below Deck Mediterranean star Jason Gaskell teases drama ahead

The answer certainly alludes to some sort of trouble brewing between Jason and Storm. Andy didn’t miss a beat either with his shocked response or his next question.

Without giving away spoilers, Andy wanted to know if that was for reasons Below Deck Med viewers have or have not seen yet.

It took Jason a minute to, but he admitted things have not yet aired, giving fans a nice little teaser.

Nothing has really happened with Jason and Storm yet. That means drama’s coming, which Below Deck Mediterranean fans got a glimpse of in the trailer.

Now that the dynamic has shifted with Storm being the boss and a new deckhand coming in, something doesn’t seem to go right for Jason.

Will Jason Gaskell make tell the end of the season?

Only time will tell, but he’s crystal clear that working with Storm Smith is something he will never do again.

Natasha Webb also spoke about the messy situation between her and Dave White on WWHL, which you can read all about here.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo with early access on Peacock.

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