Below Deck Med: Fans react to Hannah Ferrier leaving salty comment as Season 6 crew talk anxiety of new stew

Hannah Ferrier shades Captain Sandy Yawn and Below Deck Mediterranean Season 6 crew over anxiety talk.
Below Deck Med fans have a mixed reaction to Hannah’s latest comment on the show. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean fans are reacting to Hannah Ferrier leaving a salty comment as the Season 6 crew talked about the anxiety of adding a new stew on the After Show.

Delaney Evans joined the Lady Michelle crew to help out Katie Flood, Lexi Wilson, and Courtney Veale in the interior. It’s no secret that Katie is struggling with Lexi on her team.

However, instead of firing Lexi over her behavior and actions, Captain Sandy Yawn keeps encouraging her to guide or mentor Lexi. The only thing the captain did was offer to bring on a new stew to help the interior, which changed the crew’s dynamic.

Hannah Ferrier leaves salty comment as Season 6 crew talks anxiety

In the Below Deck Med Season 6 After Show, the crew opened up about adding a new team member, with Courtney admitting it caused her anxiety.

The official account for Below Deck shared the article to its Facebook page with the title “The Below Deck Med Crew on Bringing on Another Stew: ‘It Definitely Caused Some Anxiety and Worry.” Captain Sandy was the feature image the accompanied the article.

It didn’t take long for the post to become populated with comments. Social media sleuths soon discovered Hannah left a remark on the post, which has left fans buzzing.

“Hopefully you don’t need medication for that anxiety,” Hannah wrote.

The former chief stew’s dig references Captain Sandy firing Hannah during Below Deck Mediterranean Season 5 for having Valium for her anxiety on the yacht. Bosun Malia White reported Hannah for having the Valium and a CBD vape pen in their cabin.

Season 5 ignited a feud between all three women and a fan outrage toward Malia and Captain Sandy.

Fans react to Hannah Ferrier’s remark

There is no question that Below Deck Med fans have strong opinions about Hannah, Captain Sandy and Malia. The Instagram account @belowdeckaboveaverage captured Hannah’s comment, which soon became one hot topic.

Soon the post was filled with responses, including some calling out Hannah for stirring the pot.

Fans take aim at Hannah's comment.
Pic credit: @belowdeckaboveaverage/Instagram
Fans clapback at Hannah
Pic credit: @belowdeckaboveaverage/Instagram

It wasn’t all bad. Hannah had a lot of love and support in the comments section too.

Hannah's comment earns raves.
Pic credit: @belowdeckaboveaverage/Instagram
Fans love Hannah
Pic credit: @belowdeckaboveaverage/Instagram

While Hannah Ferrier has moved on from reality television, Captain Sandy Yawn and Malia White returned to Season 6 of the yachting show. Some viewers believe the bosun and the captain are getting paid back for their Season 5 actions via crew members chef Mathew Shea and Lexi Wilson.

What did you think of Hannah’s salty comment?

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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Carmen Gumbs
Carmen Gumbs
2 years ago

Hannah should have followed the rules and she would still have a job – but, she didn’t want the job. Anyone could see she was burnt and wanted out. This seasons Chief Stew, in my opinion has Leadership issues and seems stressed all of the time. Can’t believe she claims to have years of experience. She needs Leadership training.

2 years ago

Hannah DID have a presciption for that item, it just wasn’t on the box, so she needed the pharmacy to send it to her. While she was waiting, the captain followed her, and verbally attacked her, creating even more anxiety for her. She KNEW that Hannah has an issue with anxiety, as they have discussed it in the past repeatedly and at the point in the past Sandy was supportive and understanding.

2 years ago

I loved Hannah! I though she was very fair and professional. She was backed into a corner dis and at the worse time with all the anxiety. Milia started her first season as a professional but in the last several episodes it’s horrible the things she will do and say. I’m very shocked that Captain Sandy sleeps during all the wild parties. They are all adults but some discipline is needed. I realize a lot of this is for TV but if it is true, I’m surprised someone hasn’t died from alcohol poisoning.