Below Deck Med: Dave White shades Natasha Webb over bathroom hook up, says she ‘likes toxic relationships’

Chef Dave from Below Deck Med spills the tea on Natasha Webb.
Dave’s setting the records straight on things with Natasha from Below Deck Med. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean star chef Dave White shaded Natasha Webb over their bathroom hookup and claims she likes to be in toxic relationships.

Season 7 of Below Deck Med has heavily focused on the relationship between the chief stew and chef, which started before the cameras began rolling.

They shared a cabin at the beginning of the season, but things went south when she wanted to keep the romance quiet, and Dave’s drinking caused him to be a jerk to Natasha.

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Dave spoke out after his drinking got out of control to take full responsibility for his actions.

Natasha then shared her side of the story regarding their romance when she appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.

Last night Dave was on the show, and it was his turn to speak his truth.

Dave White shades Natasha Webb over bathroom hookup, says she ‘likes toxic relationships’

Andy wasted no time playing games with Dave, and Below Deck Down Under star Culver Bradbury called Relation-Ship Happens.

The host put Dave in the hot seat with questions about his relationship with Natasha.

Dave revealed he really thought they were going to have a real relationship throughout the season. He spilled they had such a great connection on their previous boat, so he thought it was the real deal.

When asked about his thoughts on Natasha going back to her ex-boyfriend, Dave was quick to reply, “She obviously likes toxic relationships.”

Then Andy got to the question everyone wanted to know, and it was about the infamous bathroom hookup. Below Deck Med fans will recall Dave and Natasha were in a closed-door bathroom for over 20 minutes during one episode.

However, Natasha denied anything happened between them during that time. Dave, though, is telling a different story.

“We did,” Dave said in response to Andy’s question before adding, “100%.” His response got a big “woo” from the audience too.

Where do Below Deck Med stars Natasha Webb and Dave White stand today?

It’s been nearly a year since Below Deck Med Season 7 was filmed, with a lot happening between the chef and chief stew. Dave admitted to Andy that despite what went down, they did speak for a while after filming ended.

However, since the show has been airing, Dave spilled he and Natasha no longer talk. Dave remains single and ready to mingle, while Natasha has a boyfriend.

Chef Dave White Reveals What Happened With Natasha Webb | WWHL

The chef owned up to the impact his and Natasha’s relationship had on the crew, even after they were no longer in a romance.

Dave shared the reason he didn’t go out on the recent crew night off where stew Kyle Viljoen met up with his crush Frank Fay is that Dave knew his and Natasha’s drama was wearing on everyone else.

“I just wanted to make it easy for everyone else,” Dave explained regarding his choice to stay on the Home yacht.

Season 7 of Below Deck Med is on the back half, but that doesn’t mean the drama between chef Dave White and chief stew Natasha Webb is over. The mid-season trailer teased something brewing with them.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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