Below Deck Med charter guest Justin Thornton: Net worth, job, and friendship with Leon Glore

Is Justin Thornton still friends with Leon Glore from Below Deck Med?
Justin is a laid back charter guest who loves his dog Scout. Pic credit: @JustinThornton/Instagram

Fans are curious about Below Deck Mediterranean guest Justin Thornton, including his net worth, job, and friendship with Leon Glore. The latter is the oyster guy, who viewers have called a jerk for his actions.’

Justin was the primary on the charter. He is a class act that treated the crew with respect. Justin’s biggest concern was getting to spend time with his dog, Scout. The Wellington owners wouldn’t allow Scout on board, so the dog had a nanny at a nearby hotel.

It is not only Justin’s love for Scout but his choice of friends that has fans wanting to know more.

Justin Thornton net worth, job, and dog Scout

Justin is a business owner, investor, and entrepreneur from New York City. He has put his MBA in business strategy to good use by founding the Skyline Corporation. In 2011, Justin opened the company, which specializes in various business sectors.

According to his LinkedIn page, Skyline Corporation has five different departments that are home entertainment, tire wholesale, industrial, auto, and construction.

The company has earned Justin a pretty penny over the years. Online reports indicate that Justin is worth around $7 million. Justin’s Instagram page says he spends time in NYC, Miami, and Atlanta for personal and professional reasons.

Justin’s adorable dog Scout was introduced on Below Deck Med. Scout is Justin’s pride and joy; he even referred to the dog as his son. Scout is also featured all over Justin’s social media pages. The dog has become even more adored by fans than Justin.

Justin promoting Below Deck Med appearance.
Pic credit: @JustinThornton/Instagram

Justin’s friend Leon Glore

Justin’s friend and charter guest, Leon Glore, proved to be quite the jerk. He was not only demanding and condescending, but Leon also kept inviting random people back to The Wellington.

Viewers were less than thrilled with Leon, slamming him on social media for his entitlement and privilege. Leon is out of touch with reality for sure. Arguing with Hannah over oysters was a bit much. There was a much nicer way he could have handled the situation, but his jerk side took over.

After the Below Deck Mediterranean episode aired, fans were messaging Justin about his friendship with Leon. It turns out, Leon’s horrible ways were too much for Justin.

In the comments section of one of Justin’s posts to promote the Bravo show, Justin revealed he is no longer friends with Leon.

Justin and Leon no longer friends.
Pic credit: @JustinThornton/Instagram

Fans were quick to call Leon a slew of names on all of Justin’s posts. However, the primary agrees with fans, and that is why Leon is no longer part of Justin’s inner circle.

Justin Thornton and his dog Scout were the perfect charter guests on Below Deck Med – Leon Glore was far from it. While Justin has been actively promoting his appearance on the hit Bravo show, Leon has not mentioned it at all on social media.

Below Deck Mediterranean airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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Lisa Jones
Lisa Jones
3 years ago

Leon a true creep

3 years ago

Why didn’t they leave the dock? That’s probably why the tip wasn’t too good.

P mcguire
P mcguire
3 years ago

I work for tips also. Justin’s tip was adequate just because he is wealthy doesn’t mean he has to tip over the top
Take it or leave it be gracious