Below Deck Med: Captain Sandy Yawn explains Cameo video calling Malia White gay ‘it was edited and a joke’

Captain Sandy from Below Deck Med dishes calling Malia White secretly gay.
Captain Sandy has once again addressed the viral Cameo video that caused fan outrage. Pic credit: Bravo

Below Deck Mediterranean star Captain Sandy Yawn has explained the Cameo video where she called Malia White secretly gay was edited and a joke.

Last fall, a Cameo video of Captain Sandy claiming Malia was not only gay but that all of the production crew knew it went viral. Below Deck Med fans were outraged the captain would make a statement about Malia’s sexuality at all.

At the time, Malia used Instagram to express her shock at Captain Sandy discussing her sexuality in a Cameo video. The bosun also explained she is not gay but would be out and proud if she was gay.

The hot topic has once again come up, and Captain Sandy is setting the record straight in hopes of putting the subject to rest.

Captain Sandy explains video was edited and a joke

On the podcast Side Piece with Melissa Pfeister, Captain Sandy addressed calling Malia secretly gay in the Cameo video. Host Melissa wasted no time wanting the truth on what really went down with the footage.

“Are you talking about the Cameo? Someone edited it,” the captain expressed. “It’s not the full Cameo.”

Melissa was genuinely stunned at the notion someone would edit such a thing, prompting Captain Sandy to add more insight.

“It’s hilarious. Like you know, Malia and I are fine. You know what? Anything can be done with an edit because, at the end, it’s a joke. It wasn’t what you see on it,” the Bravo personality shared.

Captain Sandy’s words echo what she said when the footage first went viral. In an Instagram Story, the captain explained the Cameo was taken out of context but that she was wrong for making the remark and issued Malia an apology.

Not giving in to the negativity or haters

The captain has endured her fair share of hate since joining Below Deck Mediterranean. Fans really came after Captain Sandy when she fired Hannah Ferrier and favored Malia during Season 5 of the Bravo show.

However, that’s not the kind of energy Captain Sandy focuses on in her life. She doesn’t feed into the haters, especially because the captain knows the truth, like with the Cameo video.

“Cameo has made my account private,” Captain Sandy stated.” Even Cameo was like, ‘This is ridiculous,’ because they have seen the whole video. I’m not putting it out there because it gives that person more credit. They won’t get me.”

Fans may not agree with the captain’s no-negativity outlook. After all, she has caused quite a bit of negativity for her fellow crew members on Below Deck Med.

What do you think of Captain Sandy Yawn’s explanation about calling Malia White gay in a Cameo video?

Below Deck Mediterranean is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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